EMBO Conference on Protein Synthesis and Translational Control - partnered with Cold Spring Harbor L (Protein Synthesis an)

Venue: EMBL - European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Event Date/Time: Sep 09, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 13, 2009
Registration Date: Jun 01, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 01, 2009
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"Translational Control" has become a major focus of attention and research activity in the field of gene regulation. Developmental biology and neurobiology are but two prominent examples that have added to the interest in translational control even before the arrival of small non-coding RNAs. MicroRNAs in particular now define a new frontier in gene expression, and will be a central topic to be discussed within the conference series.
With the increasing appreciation for the integration between different steps in the gene expression pathway, the conference series will also explore the latest work on the interfaces between translational control and mRNA turnover, RNA localization and splicing/nonsense-mediated decay.
A major ambition of this conference series is to continue to promote integration and communication between experts in the field of translation with those from a scientifically intertwined field where "meeting traditions" of the past have somewhat diverged: the structure and function of the ribosome. This integration was started very successfully during the 2005 and 2007 conferences and promises to help foster more and more fruitful interactions. Progress in the ribosome field has been nothing short spectacular, getting us within Angstroms of understanding some of the most central processes in biology: protein synthesis, decoding, peptide bond formation and the function of antibiotics.
Finally, our understanding of the biochemistry and genetics of translation initiation, elongation and termination is progressing rapidly, and the latest findings regarding these processes will feature prominently within the conference series, laying the groundwork for understanding regulation and the numerous biological contexts for which it is critical.

1) Translation initiation
2) Translation elongation and termination
3) mRNA stability and nonsense-mediated decay
4) Structure and function of the ribosome
5) Translation in development and the CNS
6) Translation factors & complexes, and their function in health and disease
7) Non-coding RNAs in translation

The conference will start on Wednesday 9 September in the late afternoon with registration (for pre-registered participants only!). The meeting will end at noon on Sunday 13 September.

A detailed programme will be available here on 9 September 2009.


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