International Conference TRANSNATIONAL BUSINESS

Venue: Dr MGR University

Location: CHENNAI - 600 095, Tamilnadu, India

Event Date/Time: Apr 03, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 20, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Jan 20, 2009
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The world economy is increasingly globalizing by the growing integration of national economies through trade and investment flows and the multinational corporates' strategies of global sourcing and networking of various phases and aspects of business.
A transnational economy is one which transcends the national borders unhindered by artificial restrictions like government regulations on trade and factor movements. The transnational economy, in which the principal goal is maximisation of market, is mainly shaped by money flows rather than by trade in goods and services. These money flows have their own dynamics. The monetary and fiscal policies of sovereign governments increasingly react to events in the international money and capital markets rather than actively shape them.
Just look at the international scenario in a transnational economy:
Global teams comprising members from two or more countries can develop new products and processes via videoconferencing without leaving home;
One can communicate with friends/business correspondents at the other end of the world through instant messaging simply by clicking the 'send' button;
People do not have to go where the jobs are. Jobs come to where the people are;
Indian engineers and scientists who serve the needs of corporates in Europe and America staff the software industry in India.
The excitement and opportunities of the new millennium are accompanied by many new opportunities, challenges, risks, and associated costs of doing business internationally.
This conference makes an attempt to explore the challenges faced by management people in handling these internationally-intricated and complex business and, to find/innovate the required/suitable strategies to meet these challenges.
Six different areas, such as marketing, finance, human resources, logistics, information technology and corporate governance are selected for study and analysis of the highly complex scenario of transnational economy. Experienced as well as young management faculty, professionals from several industry and research scholars are welcome. We do hope that their knowledge and expertise would enrich the proceedings of the conference.