Event Date/Time: Jan 21, 2009 End Date/Time: Jan 21, 2009
Registration Date: Jan 21, 2009
Early Registration Date: Jan 21, 2009
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The future of your business and the ability to compete, particularly in today’s tough economy, depends on the ability to meet or exceed profitable growth targets. For over two decades, Lean Six Sigma methods have been applied to improve productivity and “do more with less”. Now these same tools are being used to establish robust sales & marketing processes that:

* Drive greater likelihood of closing a sale
* Assist organizations to meet or exceed revenue targets
* Spotlight those selling expenses that truly lead to sales and those that “don’t matter”
* Increase the return on sales investments

Walk away from this webinar with key components for Six Sigma techniques and how they can be implemented to uncover true drivers of sales and thus meet or exceed your company’s or operating division’s revenue targets.

During this webinar YOU WILL LEARN:

* Six Sigma Top Line Techniques to Improve Growth in Your Company
* Techniques to uncover which inputs into the sales process (e.g. - knowledge, data, advertising, training, etc) have the greatest impact on growth
* Examples of sales and marketing as a process with inputs, outputs and metrics
* How to get your sales and marketing organizations to see their work as a process without losing the creative & innovative spirit
* Innovative Strategies to Boost Your Continuous Improvement Program

Who Should Attend: CEOs, Division General Managers, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, CIOs, COOs, VP/Director of Process Improvement, VP of Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leaders, Lean Six Sigma Champions, White and Yellow Belts and anyone involved in process improvement.