Event Date/Time: May 14, 2009 End Date/Time: May 15, 2009
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The drug delivery industry has in recent years become a key partner for pharmaceutical companies in their efforts to maximize the patent lives of successful products. However, the burgeoning market for biologics and gene-based products, which by their very nature are difficult to administer, represents an emerging opportunity for the drug delivery industry. Not only are the delivery of proteins, peptides, insulins and vaccines being revolutionized by new drug delivery technologies, but novel therapeutic approaches, such as RNAi and targeted cancer therapies are being shaped by new drug delivery systems in development.

New advances in nanotechnology-based delivery systems as well as new oral, transmucosal, transdermal, pulmonary, needless injection, catheter-based and ultrasonic technologies are being made and will soon be applied in earnest on various emerging biologics, biogenerics and targeted therapies.

The purpose of Arrowhead’s 3rd Annual Drug Delivery Summit is to highlight the most important advances being made in the drug delivery industry and provide a forum for leaders from throughout the drug delivery industry to discuss not only the science and technology behind these new advances, but also the commercial, regulatory and legal issues facing the successful commercialization of these technologies.

Key Takeaways

* Learn about the latest drug delivery technologies in development and most recent commercial breakthroughs
* Better understand the clinical, regulatory, legal and commercial issues facing the potential of novel drug delivery technologies and their application in biologics and targeted therapies
* Gain a better sense of the implications of the biotech revolution on the drug delivery industry
* Network with leaders from the pharma, biotech, device and drug delivery industries

For more infomation about this conference, please contact us. To enquire about sponsorship and/or exhibiting at this conference please e-mail marketing@arrowheadpublishers.com.

Key Themes

* A critical examination of key emerging technologies in injectable, inhalable / pulmonary, transdermal, nanotechnology, transmucosal, ultrasonic, oral and other novel delivery routes
* Patent and IP valuation of key emerging drug delivery technologies
* Formation of successful alliances between the drug delivery industry and pharma / biotech players
* Transitioning from drug delivery to specialty pharma
* Making the deal - structuring mutually beneficial licensing arrangements
* Unlocking the door to the delivery of macromolecules (biotech products)
* Investing in drug delivery - insights into acquring capital and advancing business models

Who Should Attend

Individuals From the Following Industries

* Drug delivery companies
* Pharmaceutical companies
* Biotech companies
* Specialty pharma companies
* Generic pharma companies
* Medical device manufacturers
* Investment and capital markets community

Individuals from the following areas / departments will greatly benefit from attending

* Business development
* Executive management
* Corporate development
* Technology assessment
* Commercial development
* New product planning
* Drug delivery scientists
* Pharmaceutical science
* Licensing
* Outsourcing
* Strategic planning & development
* Scientific / technology development
* Marketing
* R&D