Event Date/Time: Mar 11, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 13, 2009
Registration Date: Mar 11, 2009
Early Registration Date: Feb 22, 2009
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The third annual London enterprise software development conference designed for team leads, architects and project management is back! There is no other event in the UK with similar opportunities for learning, networking, and tracking innovation occurring in the Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, Agile, and architecture communities.

Some of our speakers for QCon London 2009 include:

Tony Hoare, Inventor of Quicksort, Turing Award Winner

Joe Armstrong, Father of Erlang

Martin Fowler, Loud Mouth on Object Design

Steve Freeman, Agile Software Development Pioneer

Michael T. Nygard, Author of "Release IT"

Rod Johnson, Creator of Spring

Dion Hinchcliffe, Web 2.0 and Social Media Industry Expert

The track themes for QCon London & track hosts are as follows:

Architectures in Financial Applications - Hosted by Cleve Gibbon and Alexis Richardson
The latest innovations as well as time-proven best practices that architects of banking & finance systems need to know.

Emerging languages in the enterprise - Hosted by Ola Bini
In this track we will look at some of the languages and how they are used in the enterprise, what benefits they give and what to look out for.

Real World SOA - Hosted by Stefan Tilkov
Whether based on SOAP/WSDL-style Web services or alternative approaches such as RESTful HTTP, we will talk about the good, the bad & and the ugly.

Turning on a sixpence - technical skills for Agile development - Hosted by Steve Freeman
This track is about the technical essentials you need to know to make Agile software development reliable and sustainable.

Web as a platform - Hosted by Geir Magnusson
Benefits and liabilities of web programming and recent case studies.

Agile Organisational patterns - Hosted by Linda Rising
What's the optimal way of working together - Social aspects of software dev teams, organizational alignment, compensation,self-organization, decision making, vision.

Architectures you Always Wondered About- Hosted by InfoQ's Chief Editor, Floyd Marinescu
The BBC, Twitter, Linked-In, Guardian.co.uk, and others.

Domain-Driven Design & Development - Hosted by Eric Evans
This track will take you through the foundations of DDD, and how they are applicable and actually applied in projects.

Functional and Concurrent Programming - Hosted by Erik Meijer
The track presents a series of examples of actual use of functional programming languages and actor/concurrent languages and discuss how it affects our way to comprehend distributed, asynchronous software systems.

Java.Next - Key Technologies Shaping the Future of Java - Hosted by Scott Delap
Technologies pushing the limits of Java on the server, desktop, and places in between.

Architecture for the Architect - Hosted by Dan North
Industry leaders share their experiences in designing architectures and being good architects.

Domain Specific Languages - Hosted by Neal Ford
This track covers a wide range of business areas and technical implementations.

Historically bad ideas - Hosted by Floyd Marinescu & Aino Corry
Null References? Corba? This track will feature technology directions that were once discussed almost like silver bullets but which later proved to be bad ideas or short-lived fads.

Next Generation Web on .NET - Hosted by Beat Schwegler
Learn how to develop state of the art Web Applications using technologies such as ASP.NET, Silverlight 2.0, Deep Zoom and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Systems that never stop - Hosted by Michael Nygard
How do you develop, test, update, maintain, and reason about systems without borders?

Register by January 15 and save up to £195, pay just £1,105 for a 3-day conference pass.

For more information, please go to: http://qconlondon.com/london-2009/


Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, SW1P 3EE,
United Kingdom

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Register by January 15 and save up to £195, pay just £1,105 for a 3-day conference pass.