Event Date/Time: Oct 04, 2009 End Date/Time: Oct 08, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 30, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Dec 31, 2009
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Progress in the fields of genomics and proteomics is to a large extent based the close interaction of laboratory and computer-based research. In the glycosciences such interdisciplinary approaches have been developing more slowly. This symposium is aimed at supporting efforts to bring together glycochemists and biologists with experts in bioinformatics and computer sciences to lay the foundation for a concerted effort in the area of glyco-bioinformatics.


Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 190-192

Additional Information

This Symposium aims to bring together those scientists that “produce” data with those that “use” the data and make it available to the community. Data mining, structure prediction and docking of carbohydrates, as well as web-based services to combine proteomics and glycomics data for structure-function research and glycosylation analysis will be covered. The organizers, Peter Seeberger (Max-Planck Institute and FU Berlin), Martin Hicks and Carsten Kettner (both Beilstein-Institut), hope that the meeting will pave the way to integrate glyco-bioinformatics in a universal platform that will serve biologists, chemists and all interested in glycosciences. The symposia of the Beilstein-Institut (www.beilstein-institut.de) address contemporary issues in the chemical and related sciences by employing an interdisciplinary approach. Scientists from a wide range of areas are invited to present aspects of their work for discussion, with the aim to not only advance science, but also enhance interdisciplinary communication. Traditionally, the Beilstein Symposia are kept small with up to 40 participants to provide a convivial atmosphere for the both lectures and intense discussions and the ready exchange of thoughts and ideas.