OReilly Money:Tech Conference (Money:Tech)

Venue: New York Marriott Marquis Times Square

Location: New York, New York, United States

Event Date/Time: Feb 04, 2009 End Date/Time: Feb 06, 2009
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Wall Street is pushing the boundaries of technologies and the pace of change is accelerating. The confluence of money and technology is revolutionizing both, and there is a lot to learn on either side. How can investors and financial managers—Wall Street's hackers—stay current? And more importantly, gain an edge over competitors?

The second edition of the O'Reilly Money:Tech Conference will be an even deeper dive into the space where Wall Street meets Web 2.0, using technology as a lens to provide a unique view of the most pressing issues facing the industry now, ranging from securitization and trading velocity to risk measurement and the evolution of research. All of these issues have been heavily influenced by information technology in getting us to this point, and all of these issues will be influenced even more by technology going forward.

While we can't lose sight of Wall Street's root worries, we also need to be optimistic and forward-looking. Web 2.0 is ultimately about "collective intelligence"—as are financial markets. Money:Tech brings together institutional and professional investors, web entrepreneurs and activists, technology and research experts, VCs, and high-profile thought leaders to expose the edges and give fundamental research new traction. An intimate, collaborative event that melds thought leadership with practical how-tos, Money:Tech 2009 will showcase new kinds of technology and data that are coming to light in today's increasingly networked world that can be the foundation for insight and value creation.

Big Data - Using the Internet to find and harvest new and useful data sets to extract value on companies, industries, sectors, or just about anything. We are interested in storage, retrieval, and search. We are also interested in the use of unstructured data along with highly structured large scale databases.

Visualization/Analytics - Tools, techniques, and applications that make it easier to spot useful patterns, trends and information. Areas that our audience would find attractive: Quantitative methods of extracting signals, content analysis, and textual analysis. We are interested in vendor solutions, open source tools, and Web 2.0 sites and methods.

Research is Everywhere - The emergence of low cost publishing tools and expert networks, and the abundance of high quality information freely available on the Internet provides another threat—but also provides opportunity—to the once dominant sell side research business. We want to know: Who are the new players? How are traditional research providers using new methods to compete with the upstarts?

Predictive Markets - Continuing a theme from Money:Tech 2008, we would like to expand upon the topic and understand how people are using predictive markets as part of their investment process.

Collective Intelligence - Drawing inferences, trends and decisions from the crowd. We are interested in all manner of tools, techniques, web sites, and applications, that allow technical and financial professionals access to user generated content and bread crumb trails.

Experience Money:Tech

New Tools for Fundamental Research

* A full day of workshops led by experts and innovators
* Two days of incisive plenary presentations pinpoint how market mashups are transforming the hunt for a money-making edge
* Demos, panels, presentations, interview-style conversations, and "high order bits" introducing cool startups and applications
* Mind-opening keynote presentations
* An Exhibit Hall featuring the latest products, projects, tools, and services
* A vibrant "hallway" track for attendees, speakers, analysts, and researchers to engage face to face
* Plenty of networking opportunities with others wrestling with similar issues

Who Should Attend

* hedge fund managers
* professional investors
* financial entrepreneurs
* technologists
* research experts
* VCs
* high-profile thought leaders
* web entrepreneurs
* inventors and innovators
* CTOs and CIOs
* business developers and strategists
* financial evangelists and activists
* equity/financial/investment analysts


1535 Broadway
New York
New York
United States