OReilly Tools of Change for Publishing (TOC) (TOC)

Venue: New York Marriott Marquis Times Square

Location: New York, New York, United States

Event Date/Time: Feb 09, 2009 End Date/Time: Feb 11, 2009
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Called "one of those events that's just too important for publishers to miss," TOC will give you the inside scoop and the tools needed for a successful future in publishing.

Anyone who is passionate about publishing will profit from these three days of expert-led keynote presentations, and breakout sessions, half-day tutorials, networking events, and a Sponsor Gallery shaping industry change.

Just a few of the scheduled speakers include: Nick Bilton (The New York Times R&D Labs); Cory Doctorow (Happy Mutants LLC); Jason Epstein (On Demand Books); Jason Fried (37signals); and Kassia Krozser (Booksquare.com).

Some of the topics covered include:

* Ebooks
* Digital Printing
* Alternative business models for paid content - both online and in print
* Content for mobile/smart phones
* Web-based marketing and promotion
* New digital publishing and authoring tools
* Managing the human side of change and innovation
* Case studies of successful (or unsuccessful!) new publishing initiatives
* Riding the wave instead of fighting the tide, such as using file-sharing sites to increase sales
* Moving beyond books: selling merchandise, community, experience, and other scarce goods in a world of "free"
* Strategies and tactics for incorporating ebooks into your publishing program
* Tools and challenges for an efficient all-digital workflow
* Revising your P&Ls for the economics of digital publishing

The third annual TOC Conference will also focus on industry-wide strategic issues, like the changing retail and supply-chain landscape. In addition to "long-view" trends (for instance, what does the fact that there are currently 448 sites for buying mobile ebooks in Japan alone mean for US publishers?), we'll be supplying practical tales from the trenches from those who are already experimenting and innovating on the digital frontier of paid content.

Join nearly 1,000 executives, editors, technologists, authors, agents, marketers, production managers, librarians, researchers, and academics who are passionate about the future of publishing in a digital age at the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference.

The three-day conference will be packed morning to night with keynotes, breakout sessions, panel discussions, in-depth hands-on tutorials, and special evening events. TOC 2009 is your once-a-year opportunity to connect with the cutting edge of digital publishing--what's happening now, what's coming up next--and return to work revitalized and reinspired.


1535 Broadway
New York
New York
United States