OReilly Emerging Technology Conference (ETech) (ETech)

Venue: Fairmont San Jose

Location: San Jose, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Mar 09, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 12, 2009
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ETech, the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, is O'Reilly Media's flagship "O'Reilly Radar" event. Since 2002, ETech has brought to light the disruptive yet important innovations that we see on the horizon, rather than the ones that have already arrived.

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That's why hundreds of your colleagues--and your competitors--will be heading to ETech 2009. For 4 days, ETech attendees receive up close and personal interaction with groundbreaking new technology that's on the cusp
of commercial release--giving you the most breaking information that will help you stay ahead of the competitive curve.

ETech is a one must-attend conference; don't get left behind. Innovation Meets the Real World at ETech:

* The only place you’ll want to be for access to the most innovative emerging tech news and information
* The place where theories mingle with real-world application and do their best work together, giving attendees essentials to stay ahead of the curve in their workplace and industry
* A participant rich conference experience that encourages play and exchange of ideas with some of the biggest names in the industry

We live in two worlds: one filled with abundance and the other with constraints. Each has its own favorite—or essential to survival—inventions and directions. Each has been deeply affected by technology.

The abundant world has access to the Internet and other educational tools, to the latest advances in medicine and, up until recently, access to "plenty" of energy. The constrained world has to make do with what's available. With limited food, water, fuel, medicine, the people and their ideas are often the cheapest part of the equation.

What technologies cross the divide? How do the two worlds interact and cross-pollinate? On the surface, they wouldn't seem to overlap but, on deeper examination, inhabitants of both worlds learn from each other constantly.

We'll explore this and other important questions at ETech in 2009 through four full days of keynotes, tutorials, sessions, activities, and events including:

* Mobile & the Web - The next billion web users will connect to the Internet on their cell phones. How will we use the data collected to augment our view of the world?
* City Tech - Can technology create a livable, prosperous, sustainable city? Which emerging technologies are poised to deliver a brighter, greener future?
* Health - What are the breakthroughs in technology, genomics, medicine, anti-aging, drug development, and delivery that will make a difference in extending our lives and enhancing our quality of life?
* Materials - We'll examine the latest in mechanics and the materials that enable new developments. What mechanisms will be possible? How will the coming age of materials change our clothes, our products, and our everyday lives?
* Geek Life - What are the emerging technologies that promise to infuse themselves into our cultural and social fabric to help us work smarter, more efficiently, and create greater connectivity?

Year after year, ETech offers the most explorative, cutting-edge content at ETech, delivered by some of the biggest names and brightest minds in the technology industry.


At its best ETech gives attendees multiple outlets to play, experiment, be amazed, interact, and collaborate. Once you step out of the sessions, you'll be treated to a full menu of events and hallway track experiences,

ETech Ignite
Five minutes that shook the world. Ignite provides a fast paced forum for new ideas via 20 slides which rotate automatically after 15 seconds. Check out some of these videos from Ignite ETech 2008. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Ignite+ETech+2008

Interactive MAKE room
Hack it yourself at the Maker Shed where you can purchase electronics kits that you can assemble into wearable technology, robotics, and sensors capable of interacting with the environment. Hang out in the Maker Lounge
and connect with other DIY aficionados.

ETech Fest: Fugue in C++
Last year's emerging tech art entries brought robotics, wireless tech, data visualization, and more to the crossroads of self expression and technology. The next ETech Fest will be even more remarkable.

Zoë Keating
This year the emerging arts festival features Zoe Keating, a one-woman orchestra, whose CD, "One Cello x 16: Natoma", was #1 on the iTunes
Classical charts. Zoë will demonstrate how she uses a 17th century instrument and a laptop to make electronic music for the 21st century.

FreeTech: Out of your cubicles and into the streets! Check out FreeTech, our community-organized event that combines educational presentations with hands-on coaching from experts in participatory communities who’ll share their experience building innovative projects.


170 S. Market Street
San Jose
United States