Event Date/Time: Mar 17, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 18, 2009
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Rail is one of Europe's most important growth areas, integral to the delivery of larger political and economic objectives including greater integration, environmental protection and internationally competitive markets. Yet despite a bright future for the sector, not all companies will prosper. The European Commission's emphasis on competition will inevitably produce both winners and losers.

Speakers include:
- Cyrille du Peloux, Chief Executive Officer, Veolia Transport
- Mireille Faugere, Chief Executive for Long Distance Passenger Services, SNCF
- Guiseppe Sciarrone, Managing Director, NTV
- Karl-Friedrich Rausch, Director of Passenger Transport, Deutsche Bahn
- Tim Hollaway, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rail Polska
- Gabriele Lutter, Member of the Board of Management, OBB PV
- Alberto Ribeiro, Member of the Board, RAVE
- Luc Lallemand, Chief Executive Officer, Infrabel