2nd Annual Asia Tourism Resort & Attraction 2009 (TRA 2009)

Venue: Le Meridien She Shan Shanghai Hotel

Location: Shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Jun 03, 2009 End Date/Time: Jun 05, 2009
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2nd Annual Asia Tourism Resort & Attraction 2009
June 11-13, 2009, Le Meridien She Shan Shanghai Hotel
Asia Tourism Resort & Attraction Summit 2009 is proudly coming back following the success of 2008, which gathered over 150 leading players in leisure and entertainment, resorts, amusement and theme parks from around the world.
Despite the challenging economic climate, China has built her position as the world’s No. 1 tourist destination in the near future; domestically, tourism industry has been recognized as the key driving force to China’s whole economy. Mr. Zhang Jianzhong, the Director of Policy and Regulation Department from The National Tourism Administration made the judgment in 2008 summit that “Tourism industry in China is now welcoming a development turning point; period from 2008 to 2010, catalyzed by Beijing Olympics and the World Exposition Shanghai, will be a key period for China to realize a new round of substantive leap”.
In 2009, Asia Tourism Resort and Attraction will continue to brainstorm the tourism market in China. This event will once again provide you with the fast and accurate information on China’s booming tourism industry, the tools to outperform your competitors and raise the profit. Meanwhile, this CEO level summit will be a precious chance to network with the leading executives to exchange experiences and seek the cooperation.

Key Issues:
--- How Shanghai World Expo to Boost Tourism Industry and where is the opportunity?
--- Alignment of Tourism and City Development
--- Best strategies to invest and develop a tourism project in this Challenging Economic Climate
--- Key Ingredients to make a world class attraction.
--- How to make the visitors stay longer and Improve Profitability?
--- Marketing strategies in a Web 2.0 world.
--- Resort Development in China
--- Is Timeshare Mature in China and how to let it make sense and suit the special needs of Chinese buyers?

Why Attend:
Whatever you are a foreign investor looking for profitable projects and partnerships, or a local developer seeking the foreign funds and practical methodologies to maintain the competitiveness and profitability, Asia Tourism Resort and Attraction Summit is a right place for you to meet the key decision makers and take away all the critical and first hand information.
--- Obtain the critical information on the latest policy in developing tourism in China
--- Grasp the newest tourism project information
--- Hear the most cutting-edge successful stories to build a world class resort and attraction
--- Network and Shake Hands with the key players in the tourism industry

Day One
830 Registration and Morning Tea

850 Chairman Opening Address

Outlook and Opportunities of China Tourism Industry
We have witnessed the huge success of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008,and the other mega national event--Shanghai World Expo 2010 is approaching, which is estimated that it will attract over 70 million travelers from around the world, which will definitely bring forth the golden opportunities for China and especially Yangtze Delta’s tourism development.

This morning’s conference will address the current development and outlook of China’s tourism industry, Where are the opportunities? What does World Expo mean to the developers and owners of theme attractions and leisure oriented real estate? How to seize them?
0900 Keynote: Analysis and Forecast of China Tourism Industry
Asia Tourism :the present and the future
Analysis on Financial Crisis’ Impact on Tourism Industry
China tourism industry after Olympic Games
Shanghai World Expo brings opportunities
Zhang Jianzhong, Director of Policy and Regulation,
National Tourism Administration

930 Keynote: Integration of World Expo 2010 and China’s tourism
World Expo will attract over 70 million people to visit and travel in China and therefore, it will definitely propel the development of metropolitan travel in China. This session will address how this mega event will further enhance China’s tourism development as well as the investment opportunities.
Integration Strategies
How Expo can support the tourism
Post effect of Shanghai World Expo
Senior Representative, Shanghai World Expo 2010

1000 How Yangtze River Delta can benefit from the Expo?
Yangtze River Delta has the richest tourism resources in China, including 25 national level best tourism cities and around 50 plus A 4 level tourism resorts. This session will decode:
How those cities can benefit from the Expo
What are their preparations
Investment opportunities
Sun Zhiliang, Deputy Chairman, Wuxi People’s Political Consultative Committee

1040 Tea Break & Networking

1110 Perspective from Shanghai Expo’s Global Sponsor:
"Build Chongming as the first Eco City”
Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holding) Co.Ltd (SIIC) is a global partner of the 2010 World Expo, and in this session, SIIC will present its cutting-edge strategies and the master plan of its mega tourism project-Dongtan Eco-City, located on Chong Ming Island, the third largest island in China at the mouth of the Yangtze River.
Strategy and objective
Urban Design and Culture Planning
Landscape Design
Sustainable development
President, Shanghai Industrial Development Co. Ltd

1140 Panel Discussion:Tourism Resources and City Planning
With the 5,000 year history and culture, China has the abundant tourism resources, however, tourism resources do not equal to a tourism city. It is really a challenge for both city planners and developers to successfully build a must-visit destination that can well suit this city’s culture, heritage and the unique scenery. This interactive panel will allow you the opportunity to learn how to explore the culture-based tourism and align this with the over city planning from the initial phase.
Zeng Xiaocheng, President, Ozhotels Investment & Management
Sun Zhiliang, Deputy Chairman, Wuxi People’s Political Consultative Committee
Jiao Qing, President, Zhongkun Investment Group
Zhang Hui, President, Hainan Nanshan Tourism Development Co. Ltd
Senior Representative, Shenzhen Huaqiang Goup
Others are to be confirmed

1230 Luncheon

Winning Strategy for Tourism Investment and Development in Global Financial Crisis
China is estimated to develop as the next tourism destination in the next few years and for sure, comparing with other economies in the world, it will also prove to be the best tourism investment destinations. Also to mitigate the risks in this challenging economic environment, more and more forward-looking investors home and abroad are turning to the resort, theme attractions as well as the vocation-based and leisure-oriented real estate to mitigate residential real estate’s risk of market and policy uncertainties.

In this afternoon’s session, our expert speakers will analyze the business opportunities in this special environment, address provoking best strategies and case studies on how to find, invest, and manage the tourism projects and Chinese enterprises "Going out” opportunity?

1330 Macro Control Policy on Land Use and the Impact on Tourism Property
Central Government’s Attitude on the Development of Tourism Property
Is it a challenge or is it an opportunity
Shi Peihua, Vice President, China Tourism Academy

1400 Keynote: Best Strategies to Invest and Manage the Tourism Property
Definition of Tourism Property
Categories of Tourism Property and the operation in China
Investment Value Analysis
Development Trend
Zeng Xiaocheng, President, Ozhotels Investment & Management

1430 Foreign Developer Case Study: Creating a life style based island resort
OQYANA is the leading real estate company in Dubai who owns and develops the 21 islands of the world’s most spectacular and luxurious tourism resort—THE WORLD. Dr. Al Suwayeh won the CEO Innovation AWARD 2007. This award goes to the company that has shown the most original vision in developing its projects.
Car-free marine living
Marine habitat conservation and promoting near natural wildlife
Redefining the way people and nature interact
Smooth marine transport solutions, state of art E-Home technology
Dr. Wadad Al Suwayeh, CEO, Oqyana

1500 Domestic Developer Keynote: Zhongkun’s Tourism Property Strategy
ZhongKun is China’s leading company in developing tourism oriented real estate and has proved its success to go through the hard economic crisis. Zhongkun is widely recognized by the industry for their unique development strategies:
Think Innovatively
Diversified business model based on the unique tourism model
Successful Cases
Jiao Qing, President, Zhongkun Investment Group

1530 Tea Break and Networking

1600 Case Study: Theme Attractions’ planning and Development in the Construction of Hainan International Travel Island
Approved by the State Council, Hainan International Travel Island will be built as the first ever leisure-based island in China. This session will depict the masterplanning and development of theme attractions during the construction of this exciting project.
Zhang Hui, President, Hainan Nanshan Tourism Development Co. Ltd

1630 Case Study:
Building an integrated resort of recreation, fun, culture, and technology
Janfusan Fancyworld is the best resort in Taiwan that has the most entertainment facilities for families. The four theme park areas and the abundant world-class facilities bring you about excitement and fun in your lives.
You Guoqian, Vice Chairman, Janfusan Fancy World

1700 Case Study:Resorts World at Sentosa——Integrated Resorts
Sentosa, as Singapore's premier island resort gateway, has the special distinction of being a one-stop visitor destination with a unique blend of leisure and recreational. Resorts World at Sentosa includes six hotels, a casino, Universal Studios Singapore, the Marine Life Park, the Maritime Experiential Museum and the Water Park. In this section,we will discuss how to build a integrated resorts with entertainment、recreation、culture、science、technology and education.
CEO, Resort World at Sentosa

1730 Panel Discussion:Resort Investment Opportunities in China
Risk Analysis
Fundamentals of consideration of locations
Best methodologies
Shi Peihua, Vice President, China Tourism Academy
You Guoqian, Vice Chairman, Janfusan Fancy World
Dr. Wadad Al Suwayeh, CEO, Oqyana
President, Chimelong Water Park

1800 Chairman Address and End of Day One Conference

1830 Cocktail Party

Day Two

Theme Park and Attraction—Innovation and Competitiveness
With more and more international Theme Parks and entertainment groups coming to China, China is embracing a Golden Period to develop her tourism and attraction industry. In recent years, we have witnessed the great achievement of some of our local players, for example, Chimelong Water Park won the IAAPA “2007 Must See Water Park”, the President, Mr. Robert Masterson said that is was indeed the largest and most advanced water park in the world. However, with more and more attractions to debut and more and more visitors, the parks and attraction owners are challenged by those questions: How to create for the travelers the best experience? How to make them stay longer and come back? How to increase the revenue? Today’s conference shall provide you with the critical information and actionable methodologies.

0830 Registration and Morning Tea

0850 Chairman Address

0900 Keynote: Development of Theme Parks in China
Current development and outlook of theme parks in China
Examination and approval
Future trend of theme parks
Wu Bihu, Director, Center for Recreation and Tourism Research,
Beijing University

0930 International Keynote :“Fun” is a big business
Disneyland is a place people all over the world dream to visit and stay, it creates the fun for visitors of all ages. What makes Disney so different, this session will decode Disney’s story of how to make Fun the real business.
Brand promotion
Establishing the environment of happiness
Total marketing strategy
Disney and China
Chairman, Disney Parks and Resort Group

1000 Innovation and Competitiveness
Hong Kong Ocean Park, named one of the world's 10 most popular amusement parks by Forbes magazine, is a must-visit destination for travelers. Ocean Park’s competitiveness comes from the ability to maintain the continuous innovation and this ability make sure Ocean Park’s amazing performance even against the strong competition from Disney.
Vision: the best marine-based Ocean Park in the world
Approaches to make Ocean Park different
Innovative Marketing strategies
Matthias Li, Vice President, Hong Kong Ocean Park

1030 Tea Break and Networking

1100 Feasibility Study to design a theme park
The feasibility study is the first step of the development process and provides critical guidance for design, construction, and operations.
Site and Area Evaluation
Concept Description and development
Market Analysis
Financial Analysis
Chen Zhihong, General Manager, Yamay Recreation World

1130 First Principle of Landscape Design ---Make it Unique
Landscape is the selling points for a natural resort or theme parks. This session will analyze how to align the landscape with the theme of the attraction
First Principle—How to maintain Unique
Ingredients of the landscape
Theming your landscape
President, Shanghai Sheshan National Tourism Resort

1200 How to Enhance Visitor Experience?
Tourism is essentially the business that sells the experience to travelers, ignorance of visitor experience is the major reason that directly leads businesses fail. This session will discuss:
The definition of value of visitor experience
Systems for accurate evaluation
How to Enhance the visitor experience
Case study: How to shorten the queuing time?
General Manager, Jinjiang Park

1230 Luncheon

1330 “Theme”——the Core of Theme Park
What is the theme of the park you are operating, for this question, China’s flagship theme park—Happy Valley, which is owned by Chinese Overseas Town, can give us a good answer.
The new concept of “not only sightseeing, but also experiencing”
Alignment with the culture
Tell stories to the visitors
President, Overseas Chinese Town

1400 Case Study:Chimelong Water Park’s Successful Operation
Among the many water parks in Asia, Chimelong Water Park has the biggest scale and most advanced facilities. This session will bring us their successful stories on:
How to create the culture of Fun
Make IT Work
Development of Souvenirs
Marketing strategy
President, Chimelong Water Park

1430 Panel Discussion: How to Turn Travelers into Returning Travelers?
Improving profitability by attracting returning travelers
Innovation of equipment and entertainment
Brand Marketing
People is also important
Owen Ralph, Editor, Park World
Matthias Li, Vice President, Hong Kong Ocean Park
General Manager, Jinjiang Park
Chen Zhihong, General Manager, Yamay Recreation World

1500 Tea Break and Networking

Resort Development and Operation
It is estimated that by 2020, over 1200 resorts will be built in China that will generate nearly 600 billion RMB revenue from the resort industry. The following sessions will focus on the best strategies and actionable methodologies to invest and develop the resort industry in China, leading players home and abroad will share their invaluable insights and practical experience on how to build and run a resort in a sustainable way that can best suit the particular China Market and be well received by the consumers here.
1530 ROI Analysis on Building a Resort
Where to build and cost analysis
Fundamentals to maximize the ROI
Development Methodologies and Case Studies

1600 Case Study: The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel
The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, Asia’s first fully integrated resort and the anchor property of the company’s development of Cotai Strip. She is also the second largest building in the world and the largest in Asia.
Stay longer—diversified service and products
Special features
Perfect facilities
World Class Amusement

1630 Analysis of Development and Management of Property and Timeshare Hotel
History and future of "Timeshare"
The exchange system of RCI
The strategy of RCI in China

1700 Case Study: Hainan Airlines Group
Hainan Airlines Group Co., Ltd., as a pioneer of Timeshare in China, created a new concept “tourism property + aviation network + chain hotel exchange = investment in real estate+ tourism” and realized the brand building and the capital operation perfect union.HNA group will share their development strategy and the strategic conception with us in this section.

1730 Chairman Address and End of Day Two Conference


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