DW2.0: Next Generation of Data Warehousing

Venue: London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Mar 30, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 31, 2009
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In the two decades that data warehousing has been around, there has been much change. Today, there are many different renditions of what a data warehouse is and there is no integrity in the definition of what a data warehouse is. Now there is DW 2.0 which is the definition of data warehouse architecture for the future of data warehousing. In this 2 day seminar, Bill Inmon, the Father of Data Warehouse, describes what DW 2.0 is and addresses what data warehousing for the future will look like.

Delegates will learn:

• What the architecture for the future of data warehousing looks like
• How metadata fits into DW 2.0
• The levels of data of DW 2.0 – interactive, integrated, near line, archival
• How unstructured data can be gathered and integrated into a data warehouse
• The flow of data from outside of DW 2.0, into DW 2.0 and out of DW 2.0
• Why data warehouses do not have to cost a huge amount of money, even when they contain a lot of data and have lots of users
• The fundamental transformation of data that takes place as data passes through ETL processing
• The role of new data warehouse technologies such as Talend, Dataupia, SeaTab, Kalido, and others
• The migration path from existing 1st generation data warehouses to DW 2.0
• The issues of data base design in different parts of the DW 2.0 environment
• The issues of building a data warehouse on a fluid foundation that can be changed as business requirements change