The 3rd China Chongqing Landscape and Architectural Design Exhibition (CCBE2009)

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Event Date/Time: May 21, 2009 End Date/Time: May 23, 2009
Registration Date: Apr 01, 2009
Early Registration Date: Apr 01, 2009
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CCBE2009 - The 3rd China Chongqing Landscape and Architectural Design Exhibition

Date: May 21-23, 2009
Venue : Chongqing Exhibition Center , China

"CCBE2009 - The 3 rd China Chongqing Landscape and Architectural Design Exhibition" , the annual event in the construction industry ,which organized by Chongqing Broad Fairs Co., Ltd. by the host, scheduled for May 21-23, 2009 in Chongqing Exhibition Center, "The 3 rd China Chongqing Building Science and Technology Exhibition (CCBE2009) "is one of the important theme of the exhibition.

The last exhibition attracted 100 exhibitors participate in the display of more than 1,000 kinds of exhibits, who come from the United States, Germany, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore and mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other 19 countries and regions.

During the three-day exhibition, our exhibition has attracted around 9251 spectators visited the exhibition ,who are from the urban construction units, real estate developers, engineering, landscape construction, design firms, property companies, dealers, investment, construction project bidding units, construction and design / school Research and Industrial Park, the proposed projects and other industries, in which the audience from Chongqing accounting for the total number of visitors to 70%, 19% of Sichuan, Yunnan accounting for 3%, 6% in Guizhou, and other areas 2%.The trading at the scene is so active, that gained accordant recognition and appreciation from the majority of participants.

In May 21-23, 2009, let us meet again Chongqing at Chongqing Exhibition Center , and converge at CCBE2009, with the majority of the builders of the western part, to share business opportunities and seek common development and achieve new leaps and bounds!


Supported by:

China Construction Industry Associations
China Building Energy Association
China Construction Enterprise Management Association


Chongqing Construction Industry Association (CQCIA)
Chongqing Federation Of Industry & Commerce
Chongqing General Chamber Of Industry & Commerce
Association of Dealers of Building Materials

Chongqing Broad Fairs Co., Ltd.

Exhibition schedule:

As far as the exhibit report: May 18-20, 2009
Exhibition opening: May 21, 2009, 09: 30 am
Visitor: May 21-23, 2009
Exhibitor move-out: May 23, 2009, 16: 00 pm
Exhibition Venue: Chongqing Exhibition Center ( 269 Keyuansi Road , Hi-tech Development zones, Chongqing China )


1, landscape and architectural design: houses, villas design; park design; public architectural design; urban community design; commercial building design; Chief architectural design; Traffic Planning and Design; municipal works, such as planning and design.
2, the theme of landscape art: villa area of landscape, residential landscape design; airport design; the construction of golf course design; stadiums design; environmental landscape planning / construction / maintenance / management; landscape works; waterscape design and protection of natural water systems; Urban Landscape Lighting design engineering; roof greening; green system; land resources protection;
3, landscaping and ancillary facilities construction: building garden wooden structure anti-corrosion products; fence protection system, fence, fence, art guardrail; pavement materials, instruction card logos, landscape sketch, GRC decorations, landscape construction materials, etc.;
4, outdoor leisure furniture and related supplies: trash, garbage bin, park chairs, swing chairs tents, hammocks, garden equipment, leisure chairs, parasols, Rome flower, ornamental fish, fence wire, sound garden, flowers horticultural products, etc.;
5, related services: all types of architectural design software / hardware; three-dimensional animation and the performance of technology; design models, production techniques and works of sand table; the work and publications;

Booth fees and advertising costs:

US$200 per sq.m.(Includes hall management fee)
- Minimum size: 9 sq.m.
- With stand-fittings, comprising white laminated panels, carpet, fascia, and basic lighting and furniture items.

US$180 per sq.m. (Includes hall management fee)
- Minimum size: 27 sq.m.
- Raw space exhibitor can use the official contractor or appoint your own contractor for stand building.
- Electricity connecting fee will be charged for extra lamps and electricity supply connectors

Important Notes for Two-Storey Exhibit Stand
1. For safety reasons, only exhibitors with contracted exhibit space of 54 sq.m. or above will be allowed to build two-storey exhibit stand. Each side of the base storey should have a minimum length of 6m .
2. Participation Fees of Upper Storey - US$30 per sq.m.
3. The upper storey can be used only for meeting purpose and it shall not exceed two-third (2/3) of the base storey.
4. The height limit for two-storey stand or above is 8.5m .
5. The booth drawings and design plans of construction MUST be examined and verified by qualified structural engineer inside China .
6. Deadline for applying two-storey stand is 1 April 2009.

Procedures of the exhibitors:

1. Exhibitors, please fill "the application form" in detail, the principal will sign it, and then the official will seal and fax it to the organizing committee. After the organizing committee received the application form, they confirm it and seal, then fax to exhibitors. The cost of exhibitors will remit to the account designated to determine eligibility exhibitors after one week of Exhibitors apply for, or the booth is not retained. Excess the period that allowed for a corresponding, the exhibition organizing committee can retain the right qualifications of the cancellation.

2. Exhibitors may not sublet the booth to other companies, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to recover the booth and does not refund the cost of participation; prohibited counterfeit, fake, infringing products exhibition. If the exhibitors' Exhibits do not accord with request of the exhibition, the exhibition organizing committee retains the qualification of the cancellation and do not refund the cost of participation.

3. Booths, advertising and so on are arranged by the organizing committee. The order of distribution is: "first-come, first payment, the first allocation," co / sponsors are given priority in the arrangement. In order to ensure the overall effectiveness of the venue, the organizing committee retains the ultimate right to adjust the booth.

4. After remit the exhibitor's fee, the same day fax a single copy of the bank payee to the organizing committee in order to verify. Invoice will be made out after show unity on-site or in accordance with company's request sent it to the company.

5. Organizing Committee will send the "Manual" (including the relevant schedule, exhibit transportation, hotel reception booth design structures, goods and services as well as rental of a visa application information, and so on)to all the exhibitors by fax or mailing one month before the session.

Office of the Organizing Committee:

Chongqing Broad Fairs Co., Ltd. (BROADFAIRS)
Address: Room 1004, The City Light Building,
No.19 Jiangnan Road, South Shore Area,
Chongqing 400060 P. R. China
Tel: +86 23 8638 2802 +86 23 6292 5058
Fax: +86 23 8638 2835 +86 23 6292 5059
QQ: 715779758
Contact: Hoeven Hu