11th Small Fuel Cells for Commercial & Military Applications (Small Fuel Cells)

Venue: Orlando

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: May 07, 2009 End Date/Time: May 08, 2009
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Small Fuel Cells 2009
Portable & Micro Fuel Cells for Commercial & Military Applications
May 7-8, 2009 - Orlando, FL USA

In its 11th year, Small Fuel Cells is a primary source of information for end users, developers and manufacturers of portable power devices.

Along with Portable Energy, a special 1-Day Symposium on alternative energy sources for portable devices, an impressive lineup of speakers from around the world, and industry leaders exhibiting the latest technologies, this year's conference is not to be missed.

Program Outline
U.S. Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell RD&D Activities for Portable Power Applications President's Hydrogen Initiative
Kevin McMurphy, US Department of Energy

Combining Commercial Success With Leading-Edge Technology: SFC's Jenny Portable Fuel Cell
Peter Podesser, PhD, CEO, SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG

Adaptive Materials and Portable SOFCs: Integration, Applications, and Durability
Aaron Crumm, PhD, President, Adaptive Materials Inc.

Portable Military Fuel Cells for Tactical Power Generation and Battery Charging
Eric Simpkins, Vice President, IdaTech, LLC

Passive Water Recycling Technology for Compact DMFC Systems
Henry Voss, Vice President of Engineering, PolyFuel, Inc.

A Novel Electrocatalyst for DMFC Anode: Oxygen-Sensitizing Methanol Oxidation Reaction
Minoru Umeda, PhD, Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology

DMFC Inorganic-Nano-Fiber-Based Catalyst with Superior Performance and Lifetime
Jurgen Hofler, PhD, Vice President of Engineering, Nanosys, Inc.

High Power Density Liquid Fuel Cells Based On Porous Silicon for Portable Power Application in Air-Free and Air Quality-Limited Environments
J.J. Kingsley, PhD, Vice President of Technology, Neah Power Systems, Inc.

Performance and Durability of Direct Oxidation Fuel Cells Fed with Neat Methanol
Zhigang Qi, PhD, Senior Project Scientist, MTI MicroFuel Cells, Inc.

The PM2â„¢ Power Cell: Planar, Membraneless Microfluidic Portable Power
Paul F. Mutolo, PhD, Associate Director, Cornell Fuel Cell Institute, Cornell University

Development and Characterisation of Semi Passive PEM FCs
Stefan Wagner, PhD, Fraunhofer IZM

Study and Development of Micro-PEMFC
Audrey Martinent-Beaumont, PhD, R&D Engineer, CEA/LITEN Grenoble

Extending Lifetime of Micro Fuel Cell Systems by Easy Replacement of the Fuel Cell Assembly
Anders Lundblad, PhD, CTO, myFC AB

Micro and Nanoengineering of the World's Smallest Fuel Cell and a Novel Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)
Saeed Moghaddam, PhD, Research Associate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Fuel-Cell Electrocatalysis - Issues Relating To Alloying, Nanoparticle Size, Etc.
Barry MacDougall, PhD, Principal Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada

Progress toward a Commercial Chemical Hydride Hydrogen Storage Solution for Portable Power
Allison M. Fisher, PhD, Senior Fuel System Scientist, Jadoo Power Systems, Inc.

Air Breathing Portable Fuel Cells
Renaut Mosdale, PhD, CEO, PaxiTech

Butane Powered Portable Fuel Cell
Inseob Song, PhD, Principal Engineer, Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.

A Novel Glucose Air Alkaline Fuel Cell
Bor Yann Liaw, PhD, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute