Event Date/Time: May 04, 2009 End Date/Time: May 07, 2009
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Happening May 4-7, 2009 at the Las Vegas Hilton, RailsConf is the official event for the Ruby on Rails community. If you're passionate about Rails and what it helps you achieve—or are curious about how Rails can help you create web frameworks better and faster—RailsConf is the place to be. Co-produced by Ruby Central, Inc. and O'Reilly Media, Inc., RailsConf is the largest official conference dedicated to everything Rails. Through keynotes, sessions, tutorials, panels, and events, RailsConf is an interactive meeting ground for the most innovative and successful Rails experts and companies. The conference provides attendees with examples of business models, development paradigms, and design strategies to enable mainstream businesses and new arrivals to the Web and Rails to take advantage of this new generation of services and opportunities. RailsConf has the information you need to stay competitive in a changing, challenging environment.
Exciting Changes for 2009:
In addition to moving RailsConf to the Las Vegas Hilton—with restaurants, shows, casinos, shopping and more—we're making a couple more changes designed to enrich your conference experience.

RailsConf 2009 will take place entirely during the work week. We recognize that most of you are professionals as well as fans, so this should make it easier for more of you to attend without giving up your weekend.

We're keeping the Call for Participation open longer—three months longer—to accommodate late-breaking news on up-to-the-minute Rails topics. Having a longer call for presentations for RailsConf 2009 means you'll gain an edge on the latest updates and versions, get your hands around brand new skills, and meet up with the people doing cutting edge work with Rails and related technologies.

Rails 3 Tentatively Scheduled to Be Released during RailsConf:
In December, it was announced that Merb would be merging into Rails 3.0, putting an end to the rivalry between the two communities. As David Heinemeier Hansson put it on the Ruby on Rails blog, "We all realized that working together for a common good would be much more productive than duplicating things on each side of the fence. Merb and Rails already share so much in terms of design and sensibility that joining forces seemed like the obvious way to go."

While tentatively scheduled to release during RailsConf in May, DHH recently noted that the flow of Merb ideas into Rails 3 is already under way.

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