Event Date/Time: Mar 19, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 19, 2009
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Relevante’s “Human Capital Management Symposium” will be focusing on the below mentioned topics:

Has Your Career Stalled?
• Determine why their career may have stalled
• Learn the five most common causes for leader failure
• Determine what they need to do to get back on track.

Social Media, Internet 2.0, for Recruiting
• Understand the differences between traditional and social media, with examples of each
• See a comparison of the various social networks available to you.
• Learn how to decide whether to employ social media and how to do so if you choose to
• Learn specific ways LinkedIn can be employed to enhance your recruiting efforts

The Missing Link: Measuring How People Drive Enterprise Value
• Learn how readily available data can be used to isolate and measure the financial performance of the human capital investment, observe effects and trends, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and predict the impact of policy changes. All that is needed are the right formulas and analytical tools.
• Learn how time-honored financial formulae employed worldwide to calculate ROI, productivity, and liquidity can be modified for human capital applications. Using these specialized formulae, relevant data can be pulled from the corporation’s general ledger to determine if the organization’s human capital is being put to its most effective use. Is the investment adding to or destroying enterprise value?

The Qualitative Measurement of Human Capital: Finding YOUR Quality of Hire Metric
• Deliver quantitative and qualitative metrics that garner the respect of your executive team
• Take the universal measure of Quality of Hire–coherency–and apply it within your organization
• Use the correct validation process to ensure your results are legally defensible
• Bring order, equity and value to your talent management strategy.

Laying A Foundation For Strategic Talent Succession Management

How Ordinary Leaders Become Extraordinary Leaders

• To build a company to prosper, accountability must be at the top of the list for every leader. This presentation will tackle that issue and raise questions of choice such as what is politically correct versus what is right. When blaming someone (or one’s self) for something gone wrong, is this accountability? Why is accountability priceless? What are the signs that accountability is missing and what are the steps to regain it?
• In a four-step process, the presentation will help the participants to make accountability their best friend, not their dreaded enemy, and provide guidance and direction for self evaluation of their own accountability. Implementation of these steps, such as sustaining long term growth and strengthening relationships, including the one with one’s self will complete a powerful takeaway for the participants.


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