9th CEO Insurance Summit in Asia

Venue: The Four Seasons Hotel

Location: Hong Kong

Event Date/Time: Mar 24, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 26, 2009
Registration Date: Mar 17, 2009
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“Insurance is sold, not bought”. Such is the 19th/20th century industry folklore based on historical marketing approaches where actuaries define products while agent or bancassurance silos push products onto the financially uneducated consumer. After many years of high premium growth in Asia driven in large part by investment-linked products in emergent markets, the recent economic volatility coupled with an intensively competitive landscape has created significant challenges for CEOs to sustain corporate premium expectations using products with adequate profit signatures.

Accordingly, the theme of the 9th CEO Insurance Summit in Asia is focused on advancing the industry’s approach to marketing and selling their products under the title “Getting CEOs to Harness the Power of Integrated Marketing”. Relative to the 19th/20th Century, there is today significantly greater data availability, technology, and analytical approaches available to truly anticipate the needs and buying values of clusters of consumers and customers to speed the introduction of right mix of product offerings through a coordinated configuration of sales channels.

No longer are leading insurance companies sequentially introducing products that were essentially defined in reaction to new features of competitor offerings. Instead, portfolios of products are proactively developed to broaden the coverage of consumer and customer needs across both demographic lifecycles and economic cycles. No longer are agency, bancassurance, telemarketing, internet sales, etc. managed as silos of channels where customers become frustrated at the lack of sales and service flexibility.

Instead, consumers and customers can obtain sales and service based on their preferences relative to the type and stage of the buying cycle. No longer are Marketing Departments simply concerned with producing product brochures and organizing sales events. Integrated Marketing, spanning consumer/customer preferences, proactive product portfolios and multi-channel management, represents the operating model for advanced insurance companies who will be able to sustain their competitive in the 21st Century. Will your insurance company be among them?

Who Should Attend

CEOs & Senior Management of Insurance & Reinsurance Companies (Life & Non-Life)
Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers
Management Consultants
Supervisors & Regulators
Risk Managers
Lawyers, Technology Experts, Loss Adjusters & Other Service Providers to the Insurance Industry
Banks, & Financial Institutions Serving the Insurance Industry


Additional Information

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