Innovative development of society to the conditions of cross-cultural interaction (Sumy_Ukraine 2009)

Venue: The Sumy Regional Post-graduate Pedagogical Institute

Location: Sumy, Sumy region, Ukraine

Event Date/Time: Apr 27, 2009 End Date/Time: Apr 30, 2009
Registration Date: Apr 10, 2009
Early Registration Date: Feb 16, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 10, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Apr 10, 2009
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The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
The Sumy Regional Post-graduate Pedagogical Institute

2009, April 27-30, The Second International conference for students, masters, scientific workers, doctors and professors is held. The title of the conference is “Innovative development of society to the conditions of cross-cultural interaction”

Languages of the conference – Ukrainian, Russian, English.
The full amount of the materials of the 1st conference “Innovative development of society to the conditions of cross-cultural interaction” (2008) can be found on

and English variant is on

According to the existing tradition we are ready to give the possibilities to hold presentations, discussions and trainings. The materials of the conference will be given on our site and on portals of Microsoft and as a blog
Section №1. Globalization, crisis, the balance of the political forces – the demand for innovations and consolidated political management of the XXI century.

1.1 Modern international relations, the centers of international development: poly-culture and poly-opposite world.
1.2 Political elite: competition and consolidation (world experience and modern situation in Ukraine).
1.3 Globalization, regionalization, localization: challenges, risks, political and juridical decisions.
1.4 Political culture as a basic component of the cross-cultural dialogue.
1.5 State management and municipal self-government: modern experience and its transitivity
1.6 Monocentrical world – crisis – world government? New international oppositions or consolidations?

Section â„–2. The dynamic of the development of the world economical centers in the XXI century.
2.1. The challenges of the economical crisis – the recession or quick development of the innovative economics.
2.2. Ukraine between the traditional and innovative economics (the problem of defining the place in European, Asian and world labor market).
2.3. The economics and labor capital: mirror reflections or making economic boom.
2.4. Modern economical development: competition, partnership, transitivity.
2.5. The economical priorities of the XXI century and solving global problems. Interaction of economy and education.

Section â„–3. Society: surviving or finding new ideals.
3.1. Globalization or anti-globalization (the problems of co-operation, interaction between cultures and identity of national priorities).
3.2. Economical crisis and the necessary of the innovations and social-oriented management.
3.3. The partnership of civil society, third sector and the state in realization of the strategies of modern development and transitivity of the experience of effective decisions.
3.4. EU as a model of regional development (the perspectives of expansion and possible alternatives).
3.5. Informative society, the society of knowledge in the conditions of growing cross-cultural interaction and gaps in economical development.

Section â„–4.The role of education, culture, science in forecasting global crisis events and realization of the innovative revolutions.

4.1. Informative revolutions and the necessary of new format of human capital (“long-life-education”, “equal availability of the qualified education”). The new priorities and perspectives of the Europhilia and world education since 2010.
4.2. The education as a priority of modern innovative development (knowledge – information, technologies of forming the leaders, the possibility of open educational systems).
4.3. The integration of Ukraine into the European and world educational space (the problems of adequacy to the standards and the necessary of new type reforms).
4.4. Internet: new problems, new possibilities. Social communication and forming of the social networks (educational, cultural and scientific aspects).
4.5. Informative culture of modern society: influences and competition of informational flow.
4.6. Globalization, regionalization, localization (cross-cultural dialogue).

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We try to understunding and using modern experience. Help us. Mykhalo Zhuk The full amount of the materials of the 1st conference “Innovative development of society to the conditions of cross-cultural interaction” (2008) can be found on