2nd Annual China Biopharma Opportunities Summit 2009 (CBOS)

Venue: Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel

Location: Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Apr 22, 2009 End Date/Time: Apr 24, 2009
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The 2nd Annual China Biopharma Opportunities Summit will be held on 22–24 April, 2009 in Shanghai, China. Hosted by Shanghai Society for Biotechnology (SSBT), this summit is endorsed by EU Biovalley, the Development Center for Biotechnology of Taiwan (DCB), and Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association, USA (CBA), and supported by Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai Biochip Co. Ltd, Wuhan Biolake, as well as other high profile institutes and associations within China and around the globe.

To date, genetic engineering, tissue engineering, gene biochip, gene therapeutics and protein therapeutics top the leading biotechnology list. Any relevant innovation will attract tremendous attention from the leading biopharma companies, the government agencies and NGOs, and of course the financing and investing institutions, etc. Other than that, the industry trend from industry expansion to capital expansion has driven most of the leading biopharma MNCs’ attention and core globalization strategies. Three objectives are expected to affect their value proposition – to maximize the biopharma market’s depth and width, to obtain most cost-efficient R&D partners worldwide, and to absorb huge amount of venture capital. From a long-term sustainable perspective, R&D efforts will more likely to be positioned at vaccines, monoclonal antibody, recombinant humanized protein, gene therapeutics, molecular therapeutics and interferon. And these topics are covered at the 2nd Annual China Biopharma Opportunities Summit 2009, which places more emphasis on the innovation and industrialization of protein and gene pharmaceuticals.

In 2009, the 2nd Annual China Biopharma Opportunities Summit concerns the latest biopharma and biologics innovations and industrialization issues. It provides an opportunity of multilateral and face-to-face interaction for biopharma community members – research institutes, biopharma corporations, and financial & investing institutions, etc. Upon the establishment and improvement of China Drug Supervision and Administration System, the global biopharma industry value chain has been shifting towards the biotech industry zones in China. From a global perspective, it is highly suggested that the issues on independent biopharma innovations and sustainable industrialization in China be further discussed and rationalized on such a platform.

The main topics covered in this summit are followings:
• The latest innovations on protein & gene pharmaceuticals, including humanized monoclonal antibody, protein biologics with genic recombinant technology, vaccine adjuvant for gene & polypeptide vaccine, large-scale mammalian cell cultivation technology, bioreactor technology and iRNA technology in tumor treatment, etc.
• Biopharma industry value chain management, including co-R&D effort around the globe, the upcoming industrialization model, industry expansion vs. capital expansion, strategic investments in China and IP right protection, etc.
• In-depth review: the impact from bioinformatics, drug licensing and alliance management in China, and China CRO Market for CAP authorized new drug clinical labs and toxicological diagnostic services.
• General Biopharma market trend in China: the expansion of domestic demand and venturing the oversea market.
• Showcase: biopharma technologies & intermediates, and laboratory technology, facilities, equipments and software support.
• Workshop: global attention on biochip
• Site Tour: face-to-face multilateral communication

This summit has invited distinguished speakers from famous institutes and biopharma companies worldwide, namely China Pharmaceutical Corporation Management Association, Shanghai Society for Biotechnology, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Professional Association, the Development Center for Biotechnology of Taiwan, Genentech, Cogenics, Biogen Idec, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, International Development Research Centre (Canada), GE Healthcare, EU Biovalley, IBM Global Life Sciences, CapitalBio Corporation, Merck & Co. In., Pfizer, Onyx Pharmaceuticals and so forth. Hence, it is a must