9th Conference on Human Rights Human rights, spiritual values and global economy (olsztyn9)

Venue: UWM Library

Location: Olsztyn, Poland

Event Date/Time: May 29, 2009 End Date/Time: May 30, 2009
Registration Date: Mar 15, 2009
Early Registration Date: Mar 01, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 01, 2009
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The subject of the 9th International Conference on Human Rights is the intersection of human rights, spiritual values, and the emerging global economic systems. The 9th Conference builds off the conclusions of the previous conferences, especially the 5th and 7th Conference and explores the relation between values (moral, cultural, cross-cultural and spiritual) and the processes of globalization. Furthermore, as the global economy has become a value in its own right, it challenges the fundamental axiological-ethical assumptions of many cultures, including Muslim, Hindu or Christian cultures. While on the one hand, contemporary wars and armed conflicts express growing objections to the global economy, and critical issues of poverty, overpopulation, labour, science, natural environment and medicine have become vital global concerns. On the other hand, profit and economic growth have become overriding principles in developed and developing countries, expressing a deep faith in the Omnipotence of economy to solve world problems. This conference considers basic questions raised by the rise of global capital and challenges to traditional spiritual values: Does the globalization of universal economic principles change humanity? How can society keep pace with these rapid changes? Can human nature come to terms with such a quick pace of life? Answers to these and other questions are the focus of the next conference. These concerns, for man and his evolving nature, can be seen in European Union policies and the priorities established by other international organizations. The 9th Conference seeks to promote international participation, particularly with the participation of scientists from Asia, Africa, Australia and the both Americas, in order to better grasp how the emerging global economy impacts human rights and traditional spiritual values. The conference is interdisciplinary and the organizers welcome the perspectives of lawyers, economists, philosophers, theologians, demographers, doctors, computer scientists, and representatives from other scientific disciplines.


UWM Library
ul. Oczapowskiego 12b