Monoclonal Antibodies Conference (MA)

Venue: BSG Conference House

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Mar 24, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 25, 2009
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Monoclonal antibodies have arrived as therapeutics, and in some cases
have become an integral part of standard treatment, as exemplifi ed by
Herceptin and Remicade. The global monoclonal antibodies market, worth
$30bn in 2009, remains one of the most exciting and promising areas within
the world pharmaceutical market today.

From inauspicious beginnings in the 1980s, monoclonal antibodies have become the
most successful biotech drugs in history, with 22 FDA approved therapies and eight
blockbusters currently in use. Technological advances have dramatically reduced their
immunogenicity, and current third generation mAbs have clinical utility ranging across
molecular diagnostics, oncology and infectious diseases.
The next 20 years promise to be equally exciting, with 200 products in the pipeline
and a projected growth rate of 13%. Looking to this future, Visiongain focuses its 5th Monoclonal Antibodies conference on the main areas of growth in the coming years: solid
and liquid tumours, autoimmune and infl ammatory diseases and fully human mAbs. With an expert line-up of speakers from around the world, this two-day event is an
ideal forum for investors and scientists alike, wishing to explore prospects for fourth
generation mAbs.
By attending this conference, you will gain key insights into the hottest topics
and main drivers in mAb research and development today, including:
• Moving towards fully human and tailor made antibody therapeutics
• The importance of isotyping in preclinical modelling
• New data from clinical trials for conjugated and unconjugated therapies
• Identifying and validating cell-surface antigens for antibody targeting
• Prospects for fragment monoclonal antibodies
• Overcoming immune reactions to improve clinical applications of antibody therapeutics
• Reducing infl ammation and tissue damage in central nervous system diseases
• Targeting deregulated cell-signalling pathways
• Prospects for inhibiting angiogenesis
• Perspectives on antibody process development including sharing IP, or implementing
and licensing commercial process technologies
• Challenges facing implementation of anti-solid/liquid tumour therapies

Who will be there?
Chief Executive Offi cers, Chief Scientifi c Offi cers, Directors and Heads in:
• CNS autoimmune and infl ammatory disease research
• Preclinical/clinical research and development
• Cell and molecular biology
• Recombinant DNA biotechnology
• Protein/biochemical antibody engineering
• Antibody development
• Arthritis, colorectal/breast/lymphoma/prostate/lung cancer R&D
• Age-related macular degeneration
• Immunobiology
• New product development
• Business development
• Clinical diagnostics
• Marketing
• licensing
• Biologics
• Biosimilars
• Outsourcing/contract manufacturing
• Contract research organisations
• Pharmaceutical and patent law


226-236 City Road
United Kingdom

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