Commercial Excellence in Pharmaceuticals Conference (CE)

Venue: BSG Conference Centre

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Apr 02, 2009 End Date/Time: Apr 03, 2009
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“Pharma’s perfect storm – fuelled by an ageing portfolio, weakening fi nancial
fundamentals, tighter market access, increasing customer variety and new
channels of communication – will push the industry to make its commercial
operations more effi cient, learn from other industries, raise its focus on the
customer and restore trust” - Mr Rod Street, Consulting Services Partner, IBM

The time for transformation in the pharmaceutical industry is now. The industry is facing
what has been described as a ‘perfect storm’, with a number of forces converging
and driving down value creation, making the ongoing operation of the current sales
models and the ‘blockbuster drug’ architecture unsustainable. Your organisation must be
prepared to undergo radical change, and adopt tools that allow you to think in new ways
about the complexity that surrounds your company in a rapidly changing environment. Despite the widespread knowledge of the diffi culties facing the industry, the response, apart
from a few notable examples, has been mainly ad hoc and largely ineffective. Visiongain’s
unique conference on Commercial Excellence will enable you to think of the big picture
and pre-empt changes within the industry to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. It is designed to complement your strategic planning in key areas such as product lifecycle
management, sales force effectiveness, stakeholder development, market access and
ongoing resource allocation. This forum will bring key people together to develop both the
concept and action for overcoming the daunting challenges you face every day. By attending this conference you will:
• Assess cutting-edge insights into the current fi nancial state of the market and build the
insights into your strategy for achieving sustainable commercial excellence
• Apply complexity and network intelligence insights to increase your understanding and
help you to better understand your supply chain and all relevant stakeholders
• Incorporate cutting edge commercial excellence initiatives and perspectives into your
strategic planning
• Benefi t from exciting developments in metrics, marketing technologies and new
perspectives on creating value through the evolving healthcare environment
• Optimise ROI through commercial effectiveness initiatives
• Learn about the requirements of the sales force of the future and move beyond sales
force effectiveness
• Integrate sales and marketing perspectives and enhance your ability to roll-out
excellence initiatives across your organisation
• Apply insights on corporate social responsibility and its integral incorporation into a
business model
• Be better positioned through insights on new business models to transform and take
advantage of the exciting developments in the industry of the future

Who will be there:
Vice-Presidents, CEOs, Directors, Associate Directors ,
Commercial Excellence Director, Heads and Managers of:
• Marketing & Sales
• Commercial excellence
• Operational Excellence
• Change, organisational transformation
• Healthcare Funding
• Six Sigma, Capabilities
• Supply chain strategy
• New business, business operations, business development
• Customer connections, CRM
• Compliance, regulatory affairs and strategic planning
Analysts, consultants, account managers, PR offi cers, communications,
pharma recruitment


BSG House, 226-236 City Road, London, EC1V 2QY
United Kingdom

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