Clinical Trials Conference

Venue: BSG Conference Centre

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jun 29, 2009 End Date/Time: Jun 30, 2009
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In recent years the nature of clinical trials has changed considerably. An increased emphasis has been put on pharmaceutical research cost-effectiveness. The pharmaceutical industry has been witnessing a rapid expansion of outsourced services from developing countries. Outsourcing is not limited to the fact that clinical trials are being conducted in economically beneficial developing countries, but pharmaceutical companies are increasingly delegating the responsibility of clinical trials to contract research organisations (CROs). The global clinical trials industry was worth an estimated $50bn in 2008 and has the potential for considerable growth in the future.

The major challenge for the pharmaceutical companies in the next five years is to maintain high growth rates. Existing generic competition, the impending loss of major patents and a relatively thin pipeline will all apply substantial pressure to the branded pharmaceutical industries. Because of the nature of the clinical trials industry, it will, in turn be under increasing pressure.

The market is clearly shifting away from the traditional "one-fits all" model of drug discovery as patients and healthcare professionals increasing demand for targeted therapies. The idea of personalised medicine is to use insights into differences at the molecular level to develop tests and treatments tailored to the needs of specific patient population.

Fewer than 10% of clinical trials are completed in time, studies have revealed. Failure to recruit subjects is the primary reason studies do not meet their goals. Trials are taking longer to conduct and fewer products are making it though the FDA. Average clinical trial length reached 7 years in 2004. Patient recruitment is costly. In 2001, $200m was spent on advertising. Both regulators and advocacy groups expect greater diversity in patient recruitment nowadays, with use of new population sets being encouraged. Advertising for subjects to take part in clinical trials has become increasingly important in the US and Western Europe, as the pressure to recruit enough patients within strict time constraints grows.

Delegates will be:

Presented with the Market Analysis for Clinical Trial Business, with in-depth details regarding the US and European Clinical Trial Business

Discovering technologies and techniques for successful clinical trial management

Comparing risk management strategies, planning for unexpected happenings in clinical trials

Enlightened by the innovation of the latest service providers offering practical solutions to be taken back to the clinic

Aware of further exploration of clinical phases and what steps are leading to success

Measuring performance metrics, encouraging improvement, effectiveness and appropriate levels of control

Ready to make effective and proactive objectives leading the way forward in project management essential for clinical trials.


226-236 City Road
United Kingdom

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