The Tel Aviv Institutional Investment Conference (TLVII 09)

Venue: Hilton

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Event Date/Time: May 10, 2009 End Date/Time: May 10, 2009
Registration Date: May 09, 2009
Early Registration Date: Apr 01, 2009
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DC Finance, a leading producer of financial conferences in Israel, is pleased to announce that the Tel Aviv Annual Institutional Investment Conference will be held on May 10, 2009.

The conference provides a venue for the investment decision makers of insurance firms, provident funds, pension funds, continuing education funds, mutual funds, banks, large companies and other nostro managers to discuss current trends in the financial industry both domestically and abroad. The above mentioned organizations collectively manage more than US$200 billion (not including capital managed by CFOs of large cap companies).

The Conference Keynote Address will be delivered by the Comptroller of the City of New York, Mr. William C. Thompson, Jr., currently serving his second term in the position. He is known as a leader among institutional investors in advancing crucial corporate governance and corporate responsibility reforms.

Topics for discussion during the Conference and invited or confirmed speakers include (tentative):

a Session 1 – Government Outlook: The following officials have been invited to participate:
o Prof. Stanley Fisher – Governor of the Bank of Israel
o Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu – Former Finance Minister
o Mr. Yadin Antebi – Regulator of Pension Funds and Capital Markets.

a Session 2 – Investment Alternatives: Participating companies include:
o Migdal, Psagot, Clal Finance, Excellence Nassuah
o Mr. Jack D. Schwager- author of “Market Wizards”, “New Market Wizards” and “Stock Market Wizards”.
o Topics to include: asset allocation, investments in global markets, private equity, ETF, corporate bonds Investments, investment in distressed debt, M & A, hostile takeovers in times of financial crisis, commodities, the future of hedge funds, quantitative investment methodologies, the future of global equity markets and LDI.

a Session 3 – Risk Management:
o Barroway, Topaz, Kessler, Meltzer and Check LLP will discuss the institutional investor's responsibilities and potential liabilities to clients and how to address these issues at board meetings as well other legal affairs.
o Other topics will include the efficacy of the current debt rating methods, foreign currency hedging strategies, hedging risk in bank portfolios and macroeconomic issues and concerns.

a Session 4 – Keynote Address: Mr. William C. Thompson, Jr.; Comptroller of New York City
o Asset allocation in large portfolios.

a Session 5 - Institutional Investors’ Panel:
o Israel's largest institutional investors will discuss their investment strategies and their decision making process. They will also discuss their respective methodologies on mitigating the risk in their clients’ portfolios.

a Session 6 - Analysts Panel:
o Israel's leading analysts will examine current market conditions and present their recommendations for companies they believe will be in the spotlight in 2010.

DC Finance is also seeking additional speakers on various topics, including the following:

A) Quantitative Investment methodologies and applications.
B) Prospects for the Energy Sector.
C) Prospects for the broader Commodities markets.
D) Forex risk management.

The conference’s steering committee includes:
a Mr. Zvi Chalamish, Chief Fiscal Officer of the Government of Israel, Ministry of Finance
a Adv. Yehuda Raveh – Principal of Yehuda Raveh & Co., Law Offices
a Ms. Ronit Harel – VP of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
a Mr. Gil Gershler – Former Manager of Mivtahim - Israel's largest provident fund and CEO of Prisma Provident Funds
a Mrs. Gabi Ravid – Former Chairperson of Psagot Ofek Investment Bank (Israel's largest Investment Bank)
a Mr. Zvi Vardi – CEO of the Provident Fund Coalition
a Mr. Gad Soen – CEO of the Association of Publicly Traded Companies.