Event Date/Time: Jun 05, 2009 End Date/Time: Jun 08, 2009
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Event Name: ELCA Power International 2009
5-8 June, 2009
(10am – 6pm)
Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre
10th Mile, Tumkur Road, Madavara Post, Bangalore – 562 123, India.
About Event
Growing Indian Economy coupled with Indian government’s goal of Power for all by 2012, opens up tremendous opportunities for electrical companies, both domestic and international, in India. The above goal puts power generation, transmission, distribution and conservation on a top priority. Massive infrastructure expansion projects in India have resulted in the increased demand for power, electrical and lighting products. The government’s increased focus in New and Renewable energy opens up a lot of business opportunities for companies which are into production of green, clean and sustainable renewable energy. With an ever increasing energy requirements and a strong economy, it is apt to say, the future of power is here in India.

ELCA Power International organised, by Electrical Consultants’ Association of India (ELCA) and conducted by AdsStation, is sure to become the electrical gateway of India. ELCA Power International 2009 would be a grand stand for you to display your products and get the global attention and recognition of everyone who is someone in the world of electricity. The event also gives you the ideal platform to get your products closer to the electrical consultants who play a key role in deciding the right product for the projects. ELCA Power International 2009 is sure to give your brand more market penetration and greater visibility in India.

Main Objectives of the Organisers - ELCA
1. To create an awareness amongst the electricity consumers towards a better and safer quality of electrical installation.
2. To provide a platform for interaction between the manufacturers and the end users by way of arranging technical seminars, workshops, exhibitions etc.
3. To take up such technical aspects with the statutory authorities as are relevant for a proper and safe installation, considering the present trends in the design of the systems and development of electrical products.
4. To promote professional approaches to electrical consultancy and highlight the benefits to clients arising from competent consultants.
5. To keep abreast with the latest developments in technology, new products and processes.

ELCA Power International 2009 will feature

• Power, electrical, Lighting, New and renewable energy products and Service Providers
• Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, agents and electrical consultants displaying their products and capabilities
• Decision makers as attendees from across India and beyond

ELCA Power International 2009 promises

• Face to face business meetings and generate business contacts that will surely increase your brand value.
• To promote electrical safety, energy conservation and green energy.

Exhibitors Profile

AC Drives, Accumulators, Activated Carbon, Advanced Power Systems etc, Cogeneration, Electric Generators – Turbogenerators & Hydrogenerators, Heat & Power Integration, Products & System, Co-generation, Heat Recovery & Exchangers, Hydraulic & Pneumatic, Hydraulic Structure, Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Power Engineering, Hydrometers, Independent Power Producers, Power Control & Regulation Equipt for Generators & Motors, Power Factor Correction Equip/Regulators, Power Monitoring & Supplies, Power Plant Design, Power Switches, Power Transformers, Steam Turbines, Electric-Power, Combined-Cycle & Gas-Turbine Units, Steam Turbines/Metering Systems, Generating Sets, Generation Technologies, Generators, Industrial & Power automation, Transducers, Transformers, Transmission & Distribution, Uninterruptible Power Systems

Adapters, Adhesives, Advanced products & materials, Innovated technologies, Aerials & Antenna, Air Compressors, Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning, Chillers & Heat Exchangers, Air Curtains & Filters, Air Purifications & Cleaning Equipment, Alarm Systems, Ammeters, Annunciates, Asbestos, GRP, Fibre Glass, Auto Recloser, Automation Systems, Batteries, Bearing & Gears, Billing & Utility Technology, Brake parts & Linings, Bus Bar Systems, Cabinet, Cable Fault Locator, Cable Handling Equipment, Cable Jointing & termination,
Cable Labeling, Cable Laying Equipment, Cable Protection, Cable protection & Support, Cable Testing Equipment, Cable Tiles/Protections, Cable Trays, Cable Trunking & Support, Cable-Conductor Products, Cables & Cable Accessories, Calibration Systems, Capacitor Banks, Capacitors, Cast Resin Transformers, Cathodic Protection, Ceiling Fans & Exhaust Fans, Central Control Systems, Circuit Breakers, Communication Equipment, Compressors, Conductors, Conduit & Fittings, Connectors, Consortium, Consultancy Services, Control Equipment/Systems, Control Instruments, Control Safety, System Protection & Monitoring Equipment, Control Systems – Industrial & Residential, Conversion & Storage of Electrical Energy, Cooling & Heating Equipment, Copper Rod and Wire, Crimping Sockets, Current Transformers, Damper Systems, Data Capture Systems, Data Communications Equipment, Data Logging, Detectors, Differential Relays, Dispatching Control & Automation, Distance Relays, Distribution Equipment, Distribution Services, Distribution Services & Equipment, Earth Leakage Protection, Earthing Equipment, Earthling/Lighting equipment & accessories, ECG, Electric Drives, Electric Motor Repair Equipment, Electric Motors, Electrical Cabling & Substation Technology, Electrical Control Unit Equipment, Electrical Meters/Actuators, Electrical Testing & Certification, Electrical Wiring Accessories, Electricity Digital Markets, Electricity Utilities, Electronic Sensors, Electronics, Elevators, Enclosures, Energy Conservation products, Energy Efficiency, Energy Measurements, Energy Savers, Engineering Services, Engines/Motors/Engine Parts, Equipment, Equipment for Electric Motor Repair, Equipment for Power Transmission Lines, Equipment Inspection & Repair, Explosion Proof Equipment / Lighting & Switchgear, Fan & Exhaust Systems, FGRP Kiosks
Fiber Glass Products, Field Instrumentation / Process control / valves, Fuses/Fuse Switches/Fuse Gear, Galvanizing Products, Gears & Gearboxes, Hardware Tools & Tackles, Gaskets, HDPE, PVC GI Stainless, Heating Equipment, High-voltage Equipment of Distribution & Control, Horizontal Drilling Equipment, Hrc Fuses Links / Mccb’s, Indicators/Controllers, Industrial Electronics, Industrial Linings, Industrial Power Engineering, Industrial Relays, Industrial Ventilation Systems, Instrumentation & Calibration, Insulation Materials, Inverters, Isolators, Junction Boxes, Labeling and Identification, Laboratory Equipment, Lamps – Discharge & Special Lamps, Leak Detection Equipment, Level Detection & Control, Lifting Equipment, Lifts & Escalators, Limit Switches, Load Banks, Low-Energy Buildings, Low-Voltage Equipment of Distribution & Control, Lubricant / Grease, Lubricants – Industrial, Lugs & Sockets, Magnet Wire, Magnetic Cores, Magnetic Devices, Measure & Test Equipment/Systems/Monitoring, Measurement, Control & Diagnostic Instrumentation, Diagnostic Equipment, Metallic Expansion Joints, Meter Cabinets, Metering Devices, Modulation & Isolation Dampers, Motion Control, Motors & Motor Winding Equipment, Motors/Starters/Control Gear/Protection Relays, MRI Systems, Multi Room Audio Systems, Noise Control Equipment, Non-Metallic Expansion Joints, Non-Conductors, Overhead Line Equipment Materials /Hardware & Accessories, P.O.U. Filters, PA – Intercommunication, Sound, Package Transformer Substations, Panel Instruments, Pipe Support, Pipeline & Coating items, Pipes & Pipeline Fittings, Plugs & Sockets, Pneumatics, Pocket Substations, Pressing / Centrifuges, Process Control & Process Automation, Process Control Equipment, Protection Systems, Protective Coating Items, Pumps, Compressors & Filters, Regulators, Relays – Control & Protection, Remote Sensing, Research, Research & Consultancy, Ring Main Units, Safety Equipment, Security Systems / CCTV etc, Sensors, Separators, Signaling Equipment, Silicon Rubber Insulators Cut-Outs, Switchboards & Switchgear, Switches, Switchgear Products, Low & Med Voltage, Synchronizing Equipment, System Operation & Control, Systems Engineering, Timers & Sockets, Ultrasonic Systems, Under floor Duct & Trunking, Variable Speed Drives, Voltage Stabilizers & Regulators, Watt Meters, Welding Equipment / Electrodes/Services, Wiring / Tubes & Accessories, Wiring Identification/Wire Markers, Wire Manufacturing

Dimmers, Light Diffusers/Louvre’s, Lighting Design, Building etc., Lighting Equipment & Fittings, Lighting fixtures – Industrial & Residential, Lightning Protection, Outdoor Lighting / Floodlighting, Photovoltaic, Street Lighting & Poles, Tubes, Battery Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Decorative lighting, Retail lighting, Lifestyle products, Home lighting, Electronics in lighting, Industrial and Commercial, Lighting, Generators/inverters, Auto and miniature lamps, Architectural lighting, LED’s, Intelligent lighting (software), Stage and studio lighting, Light sources, Lighting fittings and accessories, Switches

New and Renewable Energy
Advanced wind turbines in Large to Micro. Wind Assessment tools, Compressor and Turbine blades, Geothermal, Geothermal Power Engineering, New & Renewable Energy, New Energy-Related Organizations, Solar Energy Equipment, Solar Power Engineering, Solar Thermal Applications, Stand-Alone Sources of Energy, Wind Energy, Wind Power Engineering, Wind Turbines, Wind Turbines and Related Equipment, Manufacturers of solarcell and module encapsulation, crystal growth equipments, diffusion furnaces, laminators, mounting systems, concentrators, trackers and collectors, solar - Wire saws and consumables, Inverters, ingots, wafers, charge controllers, batteries and module connectors, Photovoltaic (PV) modules, hybrid systems, materials and equipments, Screen-printing and metallization equipments, Solar cells manufacturers, Solar drying and desalination systems, Solar water heating/cooling systems and solar pumps, Testing, monitoring systems, project consultants, suppliers of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) and solar thermal engineering, Suppliers of raw materials for solar, Solar - System integrators, assemblers and distributors, Solar - Turnkey solution providers, Solar farm developers and owners, Solar street lighting systems, Wind - Buyers and sellers of old WEGs, Wind - Stand-alone small aero-generator manufacturers & Training providers, WEG erection contractors, spares, components, tools and lubricants manufacturers, Wind electric generator (WEG) manufacturers, Wind monitoring and analysis systems suppliers, Wind - Assessment and forecasting service providers, Wind-Solar hybrid power system integrators, Wind farm owners, Bio Analytical instruments manufacturers and service providers, Bio-diesel / bio-ethanol distributors or refining companies, Bio-diesel dispensing and mixing equipment manufacturers, Biomass heating and drying equipment manufacturers, Bioreactor, boiler, turbine and turbo-generator manufacturers & consultants, Cogeneration - Automation measuring and control systems, Cogeneration - Complete plant solution providers, Cogeneration - Project developers, Cogeneration - Utility planners and organizations, Cogeneration - Equipment suppliers and service providers, Cogeneration – Consultants, Hydro - Component manufacturers, Consultants and certification agencies, Hydro turbine manufacturers, Mechanical and hydraulic items manufacturers and supplier, Hydro - Performance testing equipment manufacturers, Geothermal - Component manufacturers, Geothermal – Contractors, Geothermal - Drilling engineering consultants, Geothermal - Manufacturers of circuit protector devices, Manufacturers of geothermal heat and ring compressors pumps, Geothermal - Manufacturers of L.P drills and air drilling tools, Geothermal - Manufacturers of mechanical chart reader, Manufacturers of high temperature gauges, Geothermal - Recovered Energy Generation(REG) plant operators, Geothermal - Service providers, Other

Service Providers
Certification Services, Electrical Consultants, Energy Management & Services, Facility & Asset Management, Fire Safety Systems, General Renewable Energy Services, Information Systems and Telecommunication, Insurance, Maintenance Services, Management & Maintenance Services, Management Systems, Software Packages for Related Inds., Turnkey Installations, Workforce Management & Field services, Training Aids & Courses, Power Utilities / Electric Supply Companies, Electrical Consultants, Electrical Contractors, Green Building Architects, Energy Auditors, Inspection and Testing Services, Compliance Auditors & Certification Agencies, Providers of Convergence of Technologies, Power-Communication-Automation, Building Automation, Other

Construction, Education & Training, Geographic Information Systems, Government Organizations, Infrastructure Providers, Trade Associations, Training Aids & Courses

Visitors Profile
Architects, Architectural Design & Consulting Services, Building Maintenance Services, Building Management Systems, Construction Cost Consultants, Contractors
Dealers/Distributors, Department Heads, Design Consultants, Design Engineers, Engineering Services, Electrical Consultants, Engineers, Executives from public and private sector, Executive Heads of Department, Facilities Manager, Government Representatives from the Electricity sectors, Infrastructure Providers - including heating and cooling, electrical, environmental, energy, Land & Building Maintenance Managers, Lighting Designers & Equipment, Maintenance & Safety Professionals, Manager Operations, Planning & Procurement, Project Management Companies, Purchasing and Supplies Managers, Quality Managers, Safety and Security Agencies
Senior Management, Specialised Building Materials - energy saving and environmentally friendly, Training Professionals, Traders, Other
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10th Mile, Tumkur Road, Madavara Post

Additional Information

Seminar 5-8 June, 2009 (10am to 5:30pm) Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre 10th Mile, Tumkur Road, Madavara Post, Bangalore – 562 123, India. www.biec.in