Event Date/Time: Jun 24, 2009 End Date/Time: Jul 01, 2009
Registration Date: Apr 26, 2009
Early Registration Date: Apr 26, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 26, 2009
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This school will be the seventh of an ongoing series of annual summer schools in theoretical physics held in Canada. The 2009 school is organized by the Perimeter Institute, in conjunction with the Asia-Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Centre for Quantum SpaceTime. Past sponsors have also included the Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences. The 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th editions of this summer school were held at the University of British Columbia. The 3rd and 5th editions were held at Perimeter Institute.

This year's edition will focus on early universe cosmology, dark matter and gravitational wave physics. The school will include a series of lectures on these central topics, as well as guest lectures on key open problems in the field.

Guest Lectures include Neil Turok, Stephen Hawking, Leonard Susskind, Avi Loeb, Jaume Garriga, Neta Bahcall.