Stevia World 2009

Venue: Shanghai

Location: China

Event Date/Time: May 14, 2009 End Date/Time: May 15, 2009
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Stevia is one of the most exciting ingredients the food and beverage industry has seen in recent years, and despite challenging regulatory obstacles that stevia products have faced over the past 15 years, sales have continued to climb year after year in both the natural and conventional markets.

But when Coca-Cola and PepsiCo both jumped onto the Stevia bandwagon, and the FDA granted a “No Objection” to the GRAS status of their REB-A sweetener in the USA, the entire stevia market dynamic changed.

Stevia is far from new. It has been approved and has been in use as both a stand-alone sweetener and a food/beverage additive for decades in countries such as Brazil, South Korea and Japan.

In fact, it is estimated that over 40% of Japan’s sweetener market is dominated by Stevia, where the sweetener is used to sweeten many products like soda, chewing gum and confectioneries.

That said, tremendous media attention and the potential of new markets mean the stevia sector poised on the cusp of growth, and it is estimated that in 2009, the value of the stevia market will surpass the multi-billion mark! There is therefore an even stronger need to understand the unique prospects and challenges that will emerge from these new developments.

To make sense of the changing Stevia markets, make sure you download “Stevia as an Alternative Sweetener - Promise & Challenges”, a position paper released in line with SteviaWorld 2009, the world’s FIRST Stevia Conference on 14-15 May in Shanghai.

Stevia as an Alternative Sweetener - Promise & Challenges examines the evolving stevia markets in a methodological & logical manner. This easy-to-read paper presents a complete overview into the Stevia value chain, from cultivation to end use.

Learn more about the latest developments in the Regulatory Status, Market Potential and Product Development of Stevia sweeteners!
Read Stevia as an Alternative Sweetener - Promise & Challenges today and find out more on:

Evolution of the Sweetener Markets
Stevia as a sweetener
Stevia Plant agronomy: Cultivators in a learning curve
Global markets for Stevia sweeteners
Global Commercial & Regulatory Status for stevia sweeteners
Safety Considerations
Future direction of Stevia markets

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