ESF-EMS-ERCOM Second European Set Theory Meeting: in Honour of Ronald Jensen

Venue: Mathematical Research and Conference Center

Location: Bedlewo, Poland

Event Date/Time: Jul 05, 2009 End Date/Time: Jul 10, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 08, 2009
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Chair: Prof. Jouko Väänänen, University of Helsinki, FI/University of Amsterdam, NL

Scope: Over the last century set theory has developed into a vibrant and important subject. On the one hand, it deals with questions of mathematical logic of deep foundational importance, such as the choice of axioms for mathematics and the questions of relative consistency of mathematical theories. On the other hand, techniques of set theory are applied in many areas of mathematics such as classical analysis, general topology, measure theory, Banach space theory, abstract algebra, ergodic theory and dynamical systems.
Conference topics will include:
1. Inner model theory and large cardinals
2. Descriptive set theory
3. Combinatorial set theory
4. Applications of set theory to Banach spaces, measure theory, general topology, and other neighboring areas
Menachem Magidor will give a Special Lecture on the work of Ronald Jensen.

Invited speakers:
Taras Banakh, Ivan Franko Lviv National U., UA
Tomek Bartoszynski, NSF, US
James Cummings, Carnegie Mellon U., US
Gabriel Debs, U. of Paris VI, FR
Mirna Džamonja, U. of East Anglia, UK
Inessa Epstein, U. of California Los Angeles, US
Sy Friedman, U. of Vienna, AT
Moti Gitik, Tel Aviv U., IL
Ronald Jensen, Humboldt-U. zu Berlin, DE
István Juhász, Alfréd Rényi Institute of
Mathematics, HU
Menachem Kojman, Ben Gurion U. of the
Negev, IL
Menachem Magidor, Hebrew U., IL
Justin Moore, Cornell U., US
Itay Neeman, U. of California Los Angeles, US
Janusz Pawlikowski, Wroclaw U., PL
Dilip Raghavan, U. of Toronto, CA
Grigor Sargsyan, U. of California
Berkeley, US
Slawomir Solecki, U. of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign , US
John Steel, U. of California Berkeley, US
Stevo Todorcevic, U. of Toronto, CA and U.
of Paris VII, FR
Todor Tsankov, U. of Paris VI, FR
Philip Welch, U. of Bristol, UK
Hugh Woodin, U. of California Berkeley, US
Jindřich Zapletal, U. of Florida Gainsville, US
Martin Zeman, U. of California Irvine, US