Event Date/Time: Apr 05, 2009 End Date/Time: Apr 09, 2009
Registration Date: Mar 15, 2009
Early Registration Date: Jan 19, 2009
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The Bremen International Model United Nations (BRIMUN) offers an exciting yearly conference, greeting highly qualified delegates from a wide assortment of universities around the globe. The main aim of the conference is to simulate the debates and discussions that take place in the chambers of different international organizations and create fictional, yet highly realistic scenarios, wherein the participants play the role of the diplomats of modern times. During the conference, BRIMUN delegates find themselves immersed in the complexities posed by the most pressing world issues ranging from Human Rights violations, nuclear disarmament, military interstate disputes, food and development aid, and even war. Delegates at BRIMUN then embark on a journey of negotiation, diplomacy and cooperation and put into practice vital skills that serve towards their integral education.

In addition, one of the goals of the conference is to allow our delegates to really grasp what being a diplomat involves and truly take upon the leadership of what they are representing. For this reason, BRIMUN spends a great deal of time developing our very distinctive component: the crisis. Throughout the conference, participants are exposed fictional events developed by a very skillful team of students who are responsible for creating a complex plot and emergency situations to which participants have to react and adjust throughout all days of the conference. This is not only exciting for those involved, but also puts into extreme their negotiating and rapid-thinking abilities.

Outside committee discussions, BRIMUN offers to its participants and special guests, the chance to engage in thought-provoking lectures and discussion forums with our key-note speakers and personalities involved in the field. This has been an excellent opportunity to interact with those currently involved in the world of international relations and get first-hand insights of their experiences.

At the same time, BRIMUN traditionally features an extensive social program which allows its participants to enjoy fantastic events, relaxing chill outs, and several workshops. BRIMUN therefore extends beyond the committee experience and does its utmost to make of the conference an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

BRIMUN has always done its best to impress its delegates with a high degree of organizational professionalism and has worked towards maintaining this standard to give everyone the chance to fully dive into this experience. The organizing team of BRIMUN is looking forward to welcoming our future delegates, speakers and contributors in the campus of Jacobs University from the 5th to the 9th of April 2009.


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Additional Information

Conference dates: 5th - 9th April 2009 Conference fee: Euro 65 (this includes transportation in the Bremen area, two meals per conference day (lunch and dinner) and access to all social events of the conference). As soon as the registration is officially open, the admission process will begin. If you want to secure your place at the conference, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible as early applicants have higher chances of getting assigned a country of their choices. When assigning the countries to delegates, we take various factors into consideration. These include: previous MUN experience and awards received, involvement in other mun-related activities, application statements, and others. Applying as part of a delegation improves your chances of being assigned to a country of your choice. The same school may register more than one delegation if more than 5-6 delegates are able to come; we have no limits regarding the number of delegates that come from a single school. Please note that, due to an increasing number of participants, your country assignment might differ from the choices you have stated in the application. Application Process First, fill out the Online Application. After you submit your application, you will receive a notification by email. Note that the registration will be considered incomplete unless you provide all the information required. In due time, the admission team will notify you of your acceptance into the conference via e-mail, specifying also your country and committee assignment (Please bear in mind that this may take a while, so if you got a notification of your registration you will hear from Admissions as soon as possible and with enough time to prepare for the conference). Finally, in order to confirm your application, you will be asked to proceed with the payment of the conference fee (Euro 65). Payment details will be emailed to you, along with your username/password information. For those applicants who need a visa, please note that the deadline is January 15th 2009. No late applications will be considered. Who can apply? Any university or high-school student regardless of gender, ethnicity and country of origin, social-status, sexual orientation, or political views is welcomed to apply. For legal reasons, we do not admit delegates younger than 16 years old at the time of the conference. Delegates younger than 18 years old at the time of the conference will be asked to supply us with a letter of permission from their parents or legal guardians (the letter template can be obtained through the admissions team via admissions@brimun.org). The maximum age-limit of the conference is 28 years old.