Event Date/Time: May 12, 2009 End Date/Time: May 14, 2009
Registration Date: Apr 14, 2009
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MAY 12–14, 2009

• CONFERENCE: Renowned international speakers including but not limited to speakers from NATO, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia and Israel.
• TOUR: A tour to the Singapore Home Team Academy (HTA) to be led by the Chief Executive of the Singapore Home Team Academy

Singapore CBRNe Conference & Exhibition 2009 will combine world renowned speakers at our conference, exhibition and demonstration, and introduction of international training facilities and programmes that will fulfill the commitment of leadership and knowledge in this critical area of importance to a world that refuses to be held hostage. Global Variety has enlisted the very finest of speakers, the best of presentations of technologies and one of the world’s major training facility to round up a collaborative event that will enlighten, educate and answer the needs of CBRNe, military, police, first responders and EMS that protect our populations at large to enable us to lead our daily life free from the risks that we could otherwise be facing everyday.

Singapore CBRNe Conference & Exhibition 2009 gives you a chance to listen to our renowned international speakers in May 2009, where knowledge, preparedness, detection, prevention, safety, protection and remediation and recovery are the primary agenda. We will cover topics within CBRNe such as in areas of prevention, detection, protection, disposal, triage, remediation and recovery. At the conference, you will have opportunities to ask questions after each presentation. You will get to see and meet as well as share a few drinks and meals with our speakers, invited guests and delegates. As well, our program includes products and services presentations and demonstrations throughout. Last but not least, there will be a tour to visit the Home Team Academy in Singapore.

The Home Team Academy is the training institute for various organizations of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore, including the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Civil Defence Force, the Central Narcotics Bureau, the Singapore Prison Service, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, and the Internal Security Department, amongst other agencies. The Home Team Academy facilitates lodging for its trainees, with classrooms, a library and sports facilities, as well as a Training Village housing simulated facilities for trainees to undergo scenario-based training as part of the efforts to inject realism into their training. The purpose-built Training Village has a commercial and entertainment zone, where there are settings such as a bank, a KTV outlet, a food court, a jewellery shop and an MRT carriage and platform, and a residential zone, where there are settings such as a four-storey high apartment block with various apartment types for police training. In addition, there are purpose-built outdoor training facilities to train specific skills. For a complete history and update on the Home Team Academy serving Asia, not just Singapore, please see http://app.hta.gov.sg/.

1st Day & 2nd Day – All delegates will be presented with a number of our international speakers as well as the opportunities to visit, meet and participate in some our participants’ products and services presentations and / or demonstrations.

3rd Day – All delegates and exhibitors will be bused to the Singapore Home Team Academy for a guided tour first thing in the morning. Lunch will be served at the Home Team Academy. At the end of the tour, all delegates will be bused back to the designated hotel, where an open bar will be available bringing an end to the Singapore CBRNe Conference & Exhibition 2009.

Registrations are now open to those who wish to attend as well as exhibit / demonstrate at the Singapore CBRNe conference & Exhibition on May 12th, 13th & 14th 2009.

There is a variety of available sponsorships. Please indicate your preferred sponsorship and feel free to discuss this with our representatives.


Temasek Club
No.1 Portsdown Road

Additional Information

Registration Fee Includes: Lunches for all 3 days Entrance to all Conference subjects - NO STREAMING Entrance to exhibits AND demonstrations A tour to the Singapore Home Team Academy (HTA) Conference Package DELEGATE OPTION 1 – PRIVATE SECTOR O Registration Fee: S$ 2,100.00 DELEGATE OPTION 2 – GOVERNMENT and MILITARY O Registration Fee: S$ 1,700.00 BOOTH O Registration Fee: S$ 5,100.00 REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 14 APRIL 2009