Event Date/Time: Aug 09, 2009 End Date/Time: Aug 12, 2009
Registration Date: Jul 31, 2009
Early Registration Date: Jun 30, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 15, 2009
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One emphasis of the conference will be how new engineering tools, both experimental and analytical, can provide inroads toward a deeper, more quantitative understanding of cell and tissue biology. Engineering tools in the experimental category include the design and production of synthetic microenvironments that emulate their natural counterparts; microfabricated devices that control the physical environments of the cells and allow control over cell-cell interactions; and, imaging platforms for visualizing molecular interactions in vivo. Analytical tools include computational models of biomolecular circuits to draw fundamental insights into how biology "computes", algorithms for data analysis including proteomic and high throughput signaling assay data, and physiochemical models that provides insights into how cells integrate mechanical and chemical cues.

A second emphasis of the conference is exploitation of quantitative cell biology for commercial applications. One major application area is in the pharmaceutical industry, where cell and tissue-based assays are needed for target validation and screening compounds and other aspects of drug discovery and development. Other applications include development of human disease models, cell-based therapies, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

The scale and atmosphere of the meeting will foster close interactions between cell biologists and engineers from academia and industry, bringing together attendees interested in fundamental science as well as practical application.


Additional Information

The Engineering Cell Biology meeting is a unique venue that brings together engineers and cell biologists. The meeting highlights emerging quantitative mechanisms and design principles of mammalian cell systems and how these insights may be applied to meet biomedical challenges. The 2009 ECB meeting will highlight the following topics: -Toward therapeutic strategies from a systems perspective -Quantitative imaging: the When and Where of cell regulation -Probing and parsing cellular mechantransduction -Lessons from the Niche: Toward intelligent synthetic scaffolds -Multicellular morphodynamics: From individual cells to multi-cellular phenotype