Global Dialogue 09: Responsibility--Climate Change as Challenge for Intercultural Inquiry Into Value (GDC09)

Venue: Aarhus University

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Event Date/Time: Oct 03, 2009 End Date/Time: Nov 06, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: May 31, 2009
Paper Submission Date: May 31, 2009
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The conference will have four tracks: Philosophy
(foundational research), journalism, education,

Conference Themes:
TRACK 1: Philosophical Track
Section 1.1. Notions of responsibility across
Section 1.2. Reasoning about ecological
Section 1.3. Issues of cross-cultural axiology
Section 1.4. The temporal, spatial, and causal
scope of morality
Section 1.5. Cross-cultural comparisons of the
existential meaning of responsibility
Section 1.6. Methodological and foundational
reflections on the conditions and significance of
intercultural dialogue for "global" ethics and
value inquiry

TRACK 2: Education Track
Section 2.1. Cross-cultural comparisons of the
role of education
Section 2.2. Educating for (ecological)
responsibility across cultures
Section 2.3. Education and climate change across
Section 2.4. Climate change and intercultural
Section 2.5. Responsibility and Intercultural
Section 2.6. Intercultural Philosophy of Education

TRACK 3: Journalism Track
Section 3.1. News criteria pertaining to climate
Section 3.2. The concept of environmental journalism
Section 3.3. Local, regional and global publics
and the role of journalism for intercultural
Section 3.4. Journalism on climate change and its
relation to scientific knowledge
Section 3.5. Journalism on climate change and its
relation to market-driven innovation
Section 3.6. Ethical questions for journalism

TRACK 4: Business Track
Section 4.1. Intercultural interaction and
management: Humanistic approaches and perspectives
Section 4.2. Philosophy and management
Section 4.3. The role of ecological responsibility
within corporate responsibility
Section 4.4. Idea and practical reality of
corporate responsibility pertaining to climate change

The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 31 May
2009. Full papers (5000-8000 words) preferred.
Proceedings will be available at the event.