Disaster Risk Management & Crisis Mitigation (DRMCM)

Venue: Southern Sun Grayston

Location: Sandton City, Gauteng, South Africa

Event Date/Time: May 06, 2009 End Date/Time: May 07, 2009
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Disasters remain a frequent and much publicised phenomenon. Over the past few years the devastating Tsunami in the Indian Ocean killed approximately 300 000 people, and the destructive hurricanes on the East Coast of the USA, such as hurricane Katrina, remains vividly in our memories.Towards the end of last year terrorists hit the city of Mumbai,India’s business and tourist hub.
All these tragedies are reminiscent of how disasters can affect human beings wherever they live and at whatever time. In February this year South Africa experienced floods in the North-West, and more recently flooding events in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape resulted in major infrastructural damage. Preliminary assessments in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces indicated damages exceeding R500 million.Southern Africa has suffered disasters and other hazardous impacts as diverse as flooding, drought and food security crises and earthquakes in the past year. The sub-continent is also faced with the silent, creeping impact of communicable diseases such as cholera, HIV/Aids and TB.
Africa has already had its own share of disastrous dark football moments.In May, 2001 about 123 football fans were killed after a stampede at a football stadium in Ghana.
The question that should be boggling our minds at this point in time would be; to what extent can such unexpected occurences disturb our 2010 World cup games? We need to get prepared for the worst scenarios if Africa is to gain a reputation in as far as hosting world class events is concerned.There is need to make our intelligence system tick and be proactive at the earliest possible warnings.
The next world cup is scheduled for South Africa in 2010.Many residents see this as a recipe for disaster.Three of the major venues, Johannesburg, Durban and Capetown are cities where lawless mobs run rampant and threaten both classes on a regular daily basis.


Sandton City
South Africa