Event Date/Time: Nov 19, 2009 End Date/Time: Nov 20, 2009
Early Registration Date: Oct 11, 2009
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The word "probe" is a broad term which can be interpreted to mean any one of a wide variety of agents. These include active chemistries discovered in academic screening labs or in government (MLPCN or the NIH), commercially available probes (i.e. dyes, antibodies, fluorescent proteins), failed drug candidates from Pharma, whole body or cellular imaging agents, specific biomarkers or tool molecules from chemogenomics and/or systems biology efforts. The goal of this conference is to bring all of the various incarnations of probe hunters together to share experience and network to a common purpose.

Confirmed Speakers
Doug Auld, Group Leader,
Genomic Assay Technologies,
NIH Chemical Genomics Center
Thomas Chung, Project Manager, Conrad Prebys Center for Chemical Genomics, Burnham Institute for Medical Research
Hakim Djaballah, Director, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre
Sitta Sittampalam, Deputy Director - Therapeutics, Discovery and Development, University of Kansas
Agenda Topics:

Failed Drug Candidates as Probes
Dyes, Antibodies and Fluorescent Proteins
Whole Body or Cellular Imaging Agents
Tool Molecules from Chemogenomics
Innovative Assay Technologies for Probe Discovery