National Policy Conference on Learning from Recession- Saving an Economy: Towards an MSME Agenda

Venue: Cochin

Location: Cochin, Kerala, India

Event Date/Time: May 09, 2009 End Date/Time: May 09, 2009
Registration Date: May 04, 2009
Early Registration Date: Apr 15, 2009
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The global economic crisis presents a grim picture of the state of economies around the world, as also of particular economic sectors. While, the experiences vary from country to country, the general perception is that the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) would be the worst victims of this crisis. Such an argument, of course, goes along with a layman’s view of the economy, where the ‘survival of the fittest’ is the rule of the game. However, the resilience of the otherwise weakest players in the economy, in a context of a serious economic crisis, depends not only on their natural individual strengths, but also of the objective environment in which they work.

The objective reality in India is much different from what we see elsewhere in the world. While, the predominance of SMEs in the economies of countries is a global reality, the structure of these enterprises, matters a lot for their own resilience, and of their potential. as a class, to play an instrumental role during times of a serious economic meltdown. While in many countries, the SMEs belong largely to the tertiary sector, they constitute a major layer of the manufacturing system and they mostly graduate from the micro enterprise category in India. Therefore, they have significant potential of diffusing major economic shocks. Besides, SMEs in India have peculiar cultural practices, which equip them to remain more resilient than the corporates. Seen from the angle of public policy, and from the point of view of developing an anti recessionary agenda, these factors, undoubtedly, are crucial. In short, the inclusive development agenda envisaged by the Eleventh Five Year Plan, and the anti-recessionary agenda, which is more of a contingency plan, are sides of the same coin.

Recession: Don’t Get Panic!

Recession is the time of panic; most of us contribute to creating panic than diffusing it. “Don’t spend today, because, tomorrow, things may be worse…”, goes the advice.

But for the small entrepreneur, it is the time of opportunities. To grab them, one should be constantly on the search for new ideas: meet people, and discuss problems, and get a spark form the opinions of other people. That spark may perhaps save you from the pangs of a grave crisis. And that’s why we should put the lamp on the post than under the bushel!
And beyond this, micro, small and medium enterprises has an exceptional role in India today: they are going to be the saviours of our economy from the worst, during these troubled times.

The Spectrum

The Conference concentrates on critical areas of concern that matter in deciding individual and organizational success under the present economic crisis:

• The meaning and dimensions of the crisis.
• Individual and macro level perspectives for business.
• Regional and cluster level problems.
• Perspectives on exports.
• Need for Technology and innovation.
• Clustering and Competition
• Crisis as a golden opportunity.
• The questions one should ask.
• Who can help you?

The Objectives

To evolve an agenda where SMEs are confident, and promotional agencies are clear on their strategies
The Methodology

A unique and effective gathering. Interactive tools of learning, with a focus on spontaneous development and transfer of skills through self analysis. At the end of the day, it seeks to bring to light the true meaning and dimensions of the economic crisis, as it applies to micro, small and medium enterprises. It will help you walk away with an action plan on how to address the crisis effectively, rather than demonstrating a sense of helplessness.

Who should attend?

• entrepreneurs;
• financial institutions;
• MSME and livelihood promotion agencies and departments;
• academics and practitioners;
• development finance institutions; and
• microfinance and entrepreneurship development institutions.

The Investment

We have made a serious effort to ensure value for your money. There is an affordable nominal fee that suits your pocket, and bonus of a free copy of India Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Report 2008, worth Rs. 520/-, at no extra cost. (conditions apply).

Tips from the innovative MSMEs
Insights on risk management and processes
Challenges and opportunities of promotion and development tasks
Understanding on the shape of things to come
Grasp of the wisdom and ignorance of others
Concrete action points that you can further discuss and advocate

Ms Usha Thorat, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India, has agreed to inaugurate the Conference. Other distinguished speakers include, top-senior officials of financial institutions, entrepreneurs, academics, government, promotional agencies, international organizations……


Conceived and designed by Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED), Cochin.(visit, and organised jointly with the International Network on SMEs in Local Economic Development- India (INSLED-India), it will be coordinated by Dr P.M. Mathew, jointly with Prof Yerram Raju.

Dr Yerram Raju, an expert on SMEs and finance .Visiting Professor at ISED, and formerly Senior Faculty and Dean of Studies of the Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, Prof. Raju piloted the National Project on SSI Law, which was the forerunner of the MSME Act 2006. Was member of the Jury of Asia-Pacific Bankers’ Congress, Manila for the years 2004 and 2005 on the SME performance of global banks.

Dr P.M. Mathew, Director, Institute of small Enterprises and Development, is Senior Chevening Fellow (UK), and Birla National Fellow in Economics. A practicing Development Economist, he has adorned significant advisory positions in the United Nations system, Prime Minister’s Office, Planning Commission and the Reserve Bank of India.

Recession Monitoring System for MSMEs

The first initiative of its kind in the country. It comes to you with the latest updates on the happenings that mater your business. Join us, and share a wonderful opportunity! Let your concerns be our concerns as well!


Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED)

Additional Information

ISED Small Enterprise Observatory (ISED- SEO) does it all for you…………….. We know, you are anxious about the possible outcomes of the present economic crisis, both in the immediate future and later. Through a Project of the ISED-SEO, India Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Report 2007, we predicted an impending crisis, and that has now come true. Following that, the how and why of the crisis was reported more recently in December 2008, we are carrying forward the learning of the past, which constantly equip us to make predictions. The endeavour will continue in the Conference, and ofcourse, a practical Handbook that follows: Recession: An MSME Agenda will be released on June 15th 2009. Partners for a Cause Do join our esteemed circle of Partners, for these initiatives and beyond. Join us at the Conference, be a Member of ISED-SEO, and sponsor the Conference and the Handbook. For further info and registration, please contact: Conference Secretariat, Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED) Vennala P.O., Cochin- 682 028 Kerala, India Ph: 0484- 2808171, 2808727 Fax: 0484- 2809884 Email:,