Internet Entrepreneur Workshop (Entrepreneur2009)

Venue: Holiday Inn Conference Room

Location: Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: May 14, 2009 End Date/Time: May 15, 2009
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Small business owners and entrepreneurs take a Giant Step to Success.

This is a wonderful way to invest in yourself. We provide state of the art
training in record time. The interactive, hands-on workshop allows you develop
your own entrepreneurial ideas and see them evolve. You'll participate in the
creation of your online business in an incubator style atmosphere. In this mentored
setting you can ask tough questions, and get expert help.

Find out what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Learn the tools and
skills to achieve your money goals and bridge the gap between where you are
in your life and where you really want to be. After receiving solid step-by-step
guidance and expert help you'll leave with a clear and comprehensive knowledge
ready to sit down at your computer and launch.

Our business is to make you successful in your business. There are plenty of
people willing to tell you how to make millions with their "formula for success",
affiliate programs or MLM schemes. Instead, we help you make your own ideas
successful by giving you the tools and training to do so. Learn success from
someone with real web sales experience, not by reselling get-rich-quick gimmicks.

Beyond the hype and scams of "Home based business" or "Drop shipping for Dollars"
and multi-level marketing schemes are the real opportunities to make money on
the web. Success or failure is decided by two key factors, how to use the components
that will help any e-commerce business produce, and how to effectively market
at mimimun cost.

No matter how beautiful your website, how great your product, or how low the
price, you won't make money if people aren't drawn to your business. The cost
associated with advertising and marketing can take the wind out of the sails
of any business. When you attend our two day seminar, you'll learn not only
how to quickly build a home-based internet business, but how to drive incredible
traffic to your site for free.

We limit attendance to ten for best results. You'll receive the training, strategy
and advice needed to run a successful online company virtually on auto-pilot.
Expect nothing less than a high-quality learning experience that produces real
results and lifetime skills.


United States

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Only ten seats available for a better learning experience.