WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT: Most Radio Interviews in Suspended Cage. (Auckland Cranes & th)

Venue: Auckland

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Event Date/Time: Apr 06, 2009 End Date/Time: Apr 22, 2009
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New Zealand :: He’s in mid-air right now, caged 18m above the ground
alongside a major traffic route
swaying gently in the Pacific breeze


New Zealand's most active world record-breaker is hanging at Rainbow's End, New Zealand’s premier theme park, where he's doing his bit for charity. The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand ( was only too happy to receive the offer of another world record attempt from Galpin. Last year, he and the then-Chief Executive, John Stansfield, took 57 radio interviews in 24 hours, broadcast to much of the globe. That was a year after Galpin had arranged for a helicopter to smash 4 slot machines into a rubbish dump from 296 metres. The American band Fall Out Boy has recently beaten Galpin and Stansfield's radio interview best, to which Galpin replied “Our charity message obviously spread worldwide, so much so that our event attracted a well-known rock band”.

So what's this world record? It's under the auspices of Record Holders' Republic, titled “Most Radio Interviews in Suspended Cage”. Galpin is dangling, waiting for your call ... his target is 250 radio stations.

Just between you and Galpin:
• His life is literally hanging in the balance like a pendulum in the wind.
• If the wind exceeds 50 km/h, a very seasick Galpin will be forced to earth.
• Meals delivered by raising a bucket.
• His “office” is a desk straddling a porcelain public toilet bowl.
• There's no more fun way to say gambling needn't become your problem.

His goal is to remain up here for weeks during April 2009, as he plans future world records by the dozen.


Additional Information

24 hour interview contacts: Interview Galpin now. The story gets better - more frightening - more exciting by the hour! +64 27 225 2224 or +64 21 029 641 07 (call any time) Email Galpin on or Skype him at ‘Worldrecordbreaker’ to arrange. Rules: 1. Radio stations - call as many times as you like. 2. Radio interviews over 2 minutes qualify – but Galpin wants to hear from you all. 3. All qualifying radio interviews must be broadcast while Galpin is living aloft. 4. Debates do not qualify as radio interviews. 5. Non-radio media are welcome. 6. For each radio interview over 2 minutes, mail or fax Galpin a letterhead note with day and time of interview, the interview duration, the day and time of broadcast, and frequency or internet site of broadcast. Send note of proof to: Alastair Galpin, P.O. Box 44 310, Pt Chevalier, Auckland 1246, New Zealand or fax +64 9 368 1540 (hand-written or typed). Supported by: The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand Rainbow’s End Theme Park Auckland Cranes * Available: • Photos of the cage in action • Galpin’s profile # # # Alastair Galpin breaks world records to promote non-profit causes. In this case, he is promoting the services of The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand.