Wesak Fest Budapest 9. -10. May 2009 (Being in Service to )

Venue: Buda Castle

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Event Date/Time: May 09, 2009 End Date/Time: May 10, 2010
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Welcome to Wesak in Hungary!
6. February 2009

A celebration of life and oneness on earth and all other realms. Bringing peace and balance to your land. The Ascended Masters and my presence welcome you to this special celebration. Regaining your power to choose your path, to become the path, to become who you truly are. Remember the power, which was given to you. Remember being divine. Ruling the land.

We invite you to join our forces in common good, to give back to whom you owe, to your land, to your ancestors, to the country and to your soul.Creating consciousness in everybody being present here in physical form and all others joining us from other realms. I do ask everybody to invite the masculine and feminine powers to reunite, to make peace with each other, to begin the dance to the music of your soul.
Align with this music, hear the delightful sounds, melody of it. The true celebration of your existence.
I bow to all of you, who were bold enough to come here in the presence of the ascended Masters to offer their service and share a common passion of love. Loving of oneness and life. I am what I am.

In this temple, in this holy place, where ancient knowledge was guarded, I am present here to share with you, the ancient knowledge which was sacred and preserved through the ages to be shared with you. I invite all of you to be in my presence, the love and compassion. To expand into your own light and my being-ness. This is a special time, a special time of rejoicing celebration and happiness.

A special time when we can be close to each other, on both sides of the veil, joining each other, celebrating human and divine together. Bringing back peace and balance, releasing old energies, releasing the pain and suffering from this land and from your heart. Allow to feel my presence, breath in my love. Let me guide you to become who truly you are, to become and realize your divine nature.

Let us join together, celebrating this special day of Wesak. I would like to invite a special friend, a friend you probably know very well. Whose energies are very familiar with you, the energies of Lord Buddha. Open, to feel his compassion, his devotion, and strong determination to serve all human kind, to lead you the path of enlightment. This is a special celebration day for him. Remembering, taken a human form on this day. I invite you all to open your heart with love and compassion.

I would like to welcome all the divine beings in human form helping to make this event to happen. Helping this special day come together. It is also a day of full moon, the opening of portals, doorways, where new energies can come in, and bring peace and prosperity to this land. Be this day a celebration of peace and abundance, forgiveness, releasing of old pains, and joining our forces.

To take this land back into our hands, this is also a day of service, a service to this land, a service to Mother Earth and to the Goddess. The Goddess we used to honor and celebrate and we forgot her for a long time. Welcome her back and allow her love come close to you, and choose again, claim back your power to choose, let unfold the desire within you, to be in service. This day will become a special day in your life, you will experience things, you thought you have forgotten, you will remember things, which will give you joy and happiness. Joining our energies together, to give back to experience, giving and letting go of expecting back in return, practice the ancient law of the universe and it will manifest abundance in your life.


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