ExL Pharmas: Mastering the Government Programs Systems Environment (PMG)

Venue: Webinar

Location: Webinar, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 03, 2009
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Whether you are a small or large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, your participation in Medicaid, VA, PHS, Tricare and State Programs puts an operational and compliance burden on your organization. Regardless of the size or type of your company, you have some “system” in place to perform your statutory pricing calculations. You may have spreadsheets or databases, or you may outsource or implement commercial GP systems, and you have some level of resources committed to the administration of the programs. In this webinar, we evaluate the current Government Programs (GP) environment in the industry, looking at the types of things you should consider, whether evaluating the effectiveness of your current toolset, or evaluating your alternatives. The common elements across manufacturers are that we need to:

* Ensure the highest level of accuracy and timeliness in the calculations
* Maintain a solid review and certification process (to meet certification requirements)
* Possess a high level of auditability and documentation
* Meet the standards of the CMS 10-year rule

The approach you take to reach these goals will vary, based upon factors that may include the number and types of products, whether you use a 3PL, and the nature and complexity of your customer base and contracting (GPO, Managed Care, etc.). Multiple regulatory agencies publish statutory calculation guidance across Medicaid, Medicare Part B, the PHS program, the VA program and now Tricare. Each manufacturer has to be able to understand the guidance as it applies to them, develop appropriate calculation methodologies for each of the calculation types, and then have the right toolset to perform the calculations. In this seminar, we evaluate your options and discuss the challenges and issues that manufacturers face. This includes budgetary and resourcing challenges faced by small and mid-market companies, as they try to find a practical balance between compliance and operational costs while ensuring that they are reporting accurately to the Federal and State Governments.


Additional Information

Who should Attend * Small to mid-sized pharma who have outgrown current excel spreadsheets for calculations and who need a better understanding of the alternatives * Large pharma, who may already have a system in house, but who may be considering an outsourced option or who need an overview of GP pricing compliance in order to make well informed decisions when purchasing a system Specifically, this webinar is beneficial to: * Chief Financial Officers or Designees (calculation certifiers) * Corporate Internal Audit Professionals * Government Programs Management * Government Programs Support Staff * Sales Reporting / Sales Analytics * Finance Managers * Corporate Compliance Officers * Legal Counsel * Corporate Risk Management