Polymer Reaction Engineering 7

Venue: Niagara Falls

Location: Niagara Falls, Canada

Event Date/Time: May 03, 2009 End Date/Time: May 08, 2009
Early Registration Date: Mar 20, 2009
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Engineering Conferences International, in technical co-sponsorship with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, is sponsoring the seventh conference in the series on "Polymer Reaction Engineering." The conference will take place May 3-8, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Niagara Falls-Fallsview in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

This conference provides a forum for presentation of emerging technologies and scientific advancements in the area of polymer reaction engineering. The speakers and attendees come from several sectors of academia and industry or other research organizations. This format has been adopted for the last six PRE conferences and found to be very successful.

Plenary Lecture
Dr. Thomas M. Connelly, Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, will give the conference Plenary Lecture.

Conference Topics
Conference (lecture) sessions (no parallel sessions) are scheduled on the following topics.

1) Mathematical Modeling and Scale-up of Copolymerization Processes (mathematical modeling of multi-monomer processes; co-polymerizations and ter-polymerizations; scale-up criteria; uses of models for effective scale-up)
Co-chairs: Dr. Klaus-Dieter Hungenberg, BASF, Germany ; Prof. Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima, UNAM, Mexico
Invited Speakers:

Prof. Reinaldo Giudici, University of São Paulo - Escola Politécnica, Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Piet D. Iedema, University of Amsterdam, Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences
Dr. Andreas Daiss, BASF SE, Polymer Technology - Process Development and Modeling
2) Emulsion and Suspension Polymerization: New Developments and Issues for PRE (advances in emulsion and suspension polymerization, covering a wide area of topics, from kinetics to process design and other improvements)
Co-chairs: Prof. Giuseppe Storti, ETH, Switzerland; Dr. John P. Congalidis, DuPont, USA
Invited speakers:

Prof. F. Joseph Schork , University of Maryland, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Prof. Klaus Tauer, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Dr. Marco Apostolo, Solvay Solexis
3) PRE of Controlled Radical Polymerizations: Practical Manufacturing Issues (recent advances in controlled radical polymerization kinetics, modeling and polymer architectures, from a PRE perspective, especially related to manufacturing challenges)
Co-chairs: Prof. Shiping Zhu, McMaster Univ., Canada; Dr. Marco Apostolo, Solvay-Solexis, Italy
Invited speakers:

Dr. Mathias Destarac, Rhodia Opérations
Prof. Yingwu Luo, Zhejiang University, Institute of Polymer Engineering
Dr. Enrique Saldivar, Centro de Investigacion en Quimica Aplicada (CIQA)

4) Reactive Processing and Modification: Interactions with PRE (interfaces between two very complementary areas of polymer science and engineering; polymeric product design and modification; rheology and reactions)
Co-chairs: Dr. Marios Avgousti, DuPont, USA; Prof. Costas Tzoganakis, Univ. Of Waterloo, Canada
Invited Speakers:

Prof. Marino Xanthos, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Guo-Hua Hu, Nancy University, Laboratory of Chemical Engineering Sciences CNRS-ENSIC-INPL
Dr. Michael Hallden-Abberton, Rohm and Haas Co.
5) Nano-structured Polymer Materials and Nano-particles: Reactions and Processing Issues (interfaces with nano-technology; new product designs)
Co-chairs: Prof. Donald Sundberg, Univ. of New Hampshire, USA; Dr. Dean Millar, Dow Chemical Co., USA
Invited speakers:

Prof. Paschalis Alexandridis, Dept. of Chemical and Biol. Eng., SUNY at Buffalo
6) Polymers from Renewable Sources, Bio-polymers and Biologically Degradable Polymers (interfaces with bio-polymers and environment-friendly polymers)
Co-chairs: Prof. Ramani Narayan, Michigan State, USA; Dr. Alex Sokolowski, BASF, USA
Invited speakers:

Prof. Ramani Narayan, Michigan State, USA
Dr. Alex Sokolowski, BASF, USA
Poster Session Topics
There will be several poster prizes and other special prizes for presentations by graduate students.
The Poster Sessions co-chairs are Prof. Mike Cunningham, Queen’s Univ., Canada; Dr. Daryoosh Beigzadeh, Dow, USA; and Dr. Jon Debling, BASF, USA.

Poster contributions were solicited on the following topics (complementary to the conference lecture sessions):
P1) In-line and on-line process analysis; reactor monitoring, optimization and control; polymer characterization (with emphasis on branching detection)
P2) Structure-properties-performance relationships and their use in PRE optimization/control schemes
P3) Process intensification for PRE
P4) Clean polymer technologies
P5) New product design: principles and methodology
P6) Bio-medical applications of polymers
P7) Micro-reactor technology: why is it useful for PRE?
P8) High-throughput systems and applications to PRE
P9) New catalysts and catalytic polymerizations
P10) Step-growth polymerizations: reactor design and mixing issues
P11) Use of computational chemistry tools (molecular simulations) for PRE applications
P12) Emulsion/suspension/dispersion polymerizations
P13) Polymer thermodynamics in heterogeneous polymerizations: new developments and issues
P14) Open to other PRE topics/applications

The conference program will include abstracts of the presentations. Copies of slides will be made available to all participants.

As was done in previous PRE conferences, more details will be given later for the deadline for submission of papers of PRE 7, to be peer-reviewed and published together in a separate special issue of Macromol. Symp. (http://www.ms-journal.de). The journal publishes selected contributions from international conferences, symposia and meetings in the field of macromolecular science and related areas of research. All submitted contributions are peer-reviewed to ensure a high quality of published manuscripts. Accepted articles will be typeset and published as a hardcover edition together with online publication at Wiley InterScience, thereby guaranteeing an immediate international dissemination. Macromolecular Symposia is covered in ISI Proceedings, a new developed web file by Thomson ISI as a body of literature distinct from non-proceedings material, where all proceedings publications are covered.

Conference Sponsors

Institute for Polymer Research, University of Waterloo, Canada
A detailed list will be announced in later updates
There will also be opportunities for vendor/ equipment/ industry presentations/ exhibit desks, along with the poster sessions. Please contact Professor Marc A. Dubé (Marc.Dube@UOttawa.ca).