Advanced Membranes for Clean and Sustainable Processes

Venue: Trondheim

Location: Trondheim, Norway

Event Date/Time: Jun 07, 2009 End Date/Time: Jun 12, 2009
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Conference Overview
Membranes for various types of applications, involving gas or liquid separation, have become increasingly important the last twenty years. The technology is no longer focusing only on using a membrane material as a barrier for the separation of main components in a fluid stream, but also on the science of tailoring advanced materials which may take an active part in the separation. This may be done by incorporating carriers, nanoparticles, catalysts or treatment of the surfaces; organic or inorganic materials. There is a focus on membrane materials to be durable in all kind of environments; harsh industrial environments, withstanding high or low temperatures and pressures; even trying to mimick the way membranes work in nature. And for each and every process where the membranes are considered, the membranes represent environmental friendly solutions to complex and difficult separations. Modelling and simulations have become an integrated part of membrane research. The conference presented here will give you and overview of the most advanced materials and newest technologies for membranes presented by top qualified researchers - and the main theme is Membranes for Clean and Sustainable Processes.

Conference Topics
The conference topics include the following:

Functionalized membranes (biomimetic membranes also included)
Advancements in desalination (including low energy RO membranes)
Advanced MF technology (with focus on MBR)
Modeling of membrane transport / simulation of processes
Membrane reactors for clean energy (including fuel cells)
Membranes for CO2 capture (both organic and inorganic)
Novel techniques for making high flux membranes
PRO and adsorptive membranes
Advancements in nanocomposite membranes