Association in Solution II: Structure, Function and Performance

Venue: Tomar

Location: Tomar, Portugal

Event Date/Time: Jul 26, 2009 End Date/Time: Jul 30, 2009
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Conference Goals
Nanostructured materials and complex fluids are ubiquitous in a wide range of industries, covering areas such as drug delivery, home & personal care, nanotechnology, foods, oil recovery, and paints. The ability to design and control the self-assembly and various associated interactions that occur in the solution phases of these materials is critical in optimizing performance and developing new applications. This entails understanding and controlling the thermodynamics and kinetics of the association phenomena and characterizing & engineering the resultant nano/micro/mesostructures. Understanding how these associated structures impact on performance critical aspects such as rheology, controlled release etc is also a key to their overall function & performance. Physical insights are also needed to engineer the next generation of 'smart' or stimuli responsive structures. Moreover, it is becoming apparent that such materials represent a unique class of soft matter, providing a useful subject for theoretical consideration/numerical simulation; many features of their behavior mimicking on a basic level processes occurring in biological systems. Their rich phase behavior, complex long timescale dynamics and interactions with particulate phases are also key areas of interest.

This conference, which is the second in this series, aims to bring together leading experts in the field from both industry & academia, with an aim of sharing key insights, discussing new developments & initiating new collaborations. As well as formal presentations, this conference is intended to provide a forum for informal discussions and social interaction. The conference is sponsored by Engineering Conferences International. In each of the sessions, the speakers will define the current state of the art and suggest new and promising research directions. There will be extensive formal discussion periods in each session and informal discussions will be encouraged.

Session topics include:

Soft Nanotechnology-Nanostructured Materials, Nanoparticles, Colloids and Stimuli Responsive Systems
Self-Assembled Surfactant and Polymeric Systems
Biomaterials & Biological Systems, Biotechnology, Drug Delivery
Industrial Applications and Future Challenges

Drug Delivery
Personal Care and Other FMCG Products
Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals
In addition to the above, the conference will also have a Special Session with contributions from SOFTCOMP, EU Network of Excellence.