Event Date/Time: Sep 20, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 24, 2009
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The XX Enzyme Engineering Conference will be held from September 20-24, 2009 at the conference venue Martiniplaza, Groningen, The Netherlands. This is a modern conference center close to the main city park of Groningen, a modern and historical university city in the Northern part of the Netherlands, just 2 hours by train from Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

The topics of Enzyme Engineering 2009 are of high relevance for industrial biocatalysis as well as for important issues of the emerging Bio-Based Economy, such as the development and use of enzymes for sustainable production of biofuels and biomaterials. The rapid scientific progress that is being made over the last decade in the field of enzyme engineering, stimulated by novel technologies such as de novo enzyme design, directed evolution, genome mining, and metagenome screening, makes the Enzyme Engineering Conferences exciting scientific events. Other main developments are metabolic engineering of complex pathways (synthetic biology) and hybrid systems in which enzymes act at interfaces or interact with electronic devices. Traditionally, the Enzyme Engineering Conferences attract a mix of speakers and audience with academic and industrial background, thus providing an excellent opportunity to learn about new industrial trends and emerging scientific breakthroughs.

Key topics for the Enzyme Engineering 2009 conference are:

bioinformatics and genome mining for new enzymes
computational and statistical approaches for enzyme engineering
directed evolution and high-throughput screening
expression and modification of enzymes for secondary metabolites
metabolic engineering
engineered enzymes for biofuels production
applications in biocatalysis, medicine, and new biomaterials