SEM Training: How to Effectively Use Social Media for Search Marketing Campaigns Workshop (Social Media)

Venue: Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, Bolivia

Event Date/Time: May 05, 2009
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Social Media Workshop

This session will show you the entire realm of social media and how to use it effectively as part of a holistic marketing campaign. While many people think of Digg as the big player that they need to be working with, Digg is just one of many facets of social media. From social communities to photo sharing, blogging and forums, the Internet offers a world of opportunity waiting to be explored. You'll come away with great ideas on how to effectively leverage your brand, services and products in different social media environments.

Agenda Attendees will:

Understand the "Rules of Engagement"
Learn the difference that participation in social media will make
Gain understanding as to why keyword research is important in social media
Gain understanding as to why not every form of social media is the "right one"
Gain insight into the different types of social media such as:
Social News
Social SharingSocial Bookmarking
Social Networking
Stumbling, Wikipedia, etc.
Forums & Message Boards
Ratings & Reviews
Social Media Agenda:

Overview of What Social Media is

What are the different types of social media
Why use it
What does it take to be successful
It's not a flash in the pan
Overview of Social News

What is social news
Who uses social news
How do I use it
Overview of Social Sharing

What is social sharing
Who uses social sharing sites
How do I use social sharing sites effectively
Overview of Social Networking Sites

What are social networking sites
Who uses social networking sites
How do I use social networking effectively
Overview of Social Bookmarking Sites

What are social bookmarking sites
Who uses social bookmarking sites
How do I use social bookmarking effectively
Overview of forums & message boards

What are forums & message boards
Who uses forums & message boards
How do I use forums & message boards effectively
Overview of Rating & Review Sites

What are rating & review sites
Who uses rating & review sites
How do I use rating & review sites effectively
Overview of Other Social Media Sites (StumbleUpon, Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers, LinkedIn, etc.)

What are other social media sites
Who uses these other social media sites
How do I use these other social media sites effectively
Overview of Blogging

What is blogging
Who is blogging
Should I be blogging
How to effectively interact with bloggers


Additional Information

1/2 Day Workshop $745 Full Day Workshop $1,345 Group Discounts are available Enter 20ALLCF to receive a 20% discount.