Venue: Tuscany

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Event Date/Time: Jun 20, 2010 End Date/Time: Jun 24, 2010
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Two highly successful Conferences on Porous Media and its Applications in Science, Engineering and Industry were held in 1996 in Kona, Hawaii, and in 2007 in Kauai, Hawaii, which were attended by various researchers in porous media worldwide. This conference will build on the last two conferences so that it reflects the research done internationally in the currently active areas of the topic. Papers of high quality will be considered for submission to the Journal of Porous Media.

The pioneering works in the area of fluid transport as well as some aspects of heat transport in porous media go back to the beginning of this century. Transport through porous media has gained considerable attention in recent decades due to its relevance in a wide range of applications such as biological, electronics cooling, thermal insulation engineering, water movement in geothermal reservoirs, heat pipes, underground spreading of chemical waste, nuclear waste repository, geothermal engineering, grain storage and enhanced recovery of petroleum reservoirs. Radiative heat transfer and multiphase transport processes in porous media, both with and without phase change, have gained extensive attention in recent years. This is due to the wide range of applicability of these research areas in contemporary technology. These applications include, but are not restricted to, areas such as geothermal engineering, building thermal insulation, chemical catalytic reactors, packed cryogenic microsphere insulation, petroleum reservoirs, direct contact heat exchangers, coal combustors, nuclear waste repositories, and heat pipe technology.

Conference Topics may include Natural and Forced Convection; Evaporation, Condensation, Capillary Effects and Reactive Flow; Phase Change Flow; Radiation Heat Transfer; Conduction; Combined Heat and Mass Transfer; Biological and Electronics Cooling Applications, Particle Transport and Deformable Porous Bodies; Particle Transport and Deformable Porous Bodies; Advanced Mathematical Approaches to the Modeling of Porous Media; Industrial and Environmental Heat Transfer and Flow; Advances in Numerical Techniques; Experimental and Measuring Techniques; Turbulence; Particle Migration and Deposition; Material Processing Applications; Chemical Processes; Characterization of Porous Materials; Transport in Unsaturated Media and Wave Propagation in Porous Media.