Introduction to ArcGIS for Petroleum Exploration - PEICE

Venue: Calgary

Location: Calgary, Canada

Event Date/Time: Oct 06, 2009 End Date/Time: Oct 08, 2009
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This 3-day hands-on short course/workshop is designed to introduce the basic concepts and methodologies of ArcGIS software to petroleum explorationists, including exploration and development geologists and geophysicists, petroleum engineers, exploration managers and those involved with environmental compliance. The course assumes no prior knowledge of GIS or ArcGIS and consists of short introductory lectures followed by over 75 practical computer-based exercises and assignments that take participants from basic concepts to advanced topics. Examples used are drawn from worldwide petroleum-producing basins or potentially productive basins. The course teaches not only the powerful mapping functionalities of ArcGIS but more importantly how the software is used to (1) integrate vector, raster and tabular data from disparate sources, (2) build a digital geological picture/database of an area, and (3) create complex analysis projects for exploration decision-making. The course is taught by an experienced petroleum explorationist who has successfully used GIS software in his consulting business for many years.


Participants are required to bring an MS Windows-based laptop computer to the course (Windows 2000, NT or XP for ArcGIS versions earlier than 9.3; Vista for version 9.3 only), with a loaded copy of the ArcGIS software (version 8.2, 8.3, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 or 9.3) plus Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. Course materials include an extensive manual plus the ESRI book 'Getting to know ArcGIS Desktop'.

Participants who do not currently have ArcGIS should contact ESRI (, the developers of the software, to obtain an evaluation copy and should load it prior to starting the class.

For courses being offered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the students will have to directly contact ESRI Canada Limited at their Prairies Regional Office to obtain a copy of their evaluation software. Please mention specifically that the evaluation software is being requested for the course being held by Peice in Calgary. You may contact ESRI Canada by email, phone, or mail at: ESRI Canada Limited Prairies Region Attention: Inside Sales Representative 403-262-3774 706 - 7th Ave. S.W., Suite 250 Calgary, AB T2P 0Z1

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.


Additional Information

Delivery Method: Classroom Training Fee: $ 1995 CAD Location Calgary Satisfaction Rating: 93.8 % CEU: 2.4 Continuing Education Units PDH: 24 Professional Development Hours