The Unfair Sales Edge: Getting to Yes ... Without Selling

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Event Date/Time: May 11, 2009
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Are you aware that …

• You and your company are leaving a fortune on the sales table and don’t even realize it.

• Your well-crafted sales messages often trigger resistance and tuned out from the get-go.

• Your greatest threat is not your competitors, but hundreds of demands grabbing your prospect’s attention – most more important than your products or services?

Welcome to the new game of selling and unless you know how to: …

• Get inside your customer’s head;
• Uncover their hidden thoughts, motivations and mental buying strategies; and
• Communicate in “their language” to build trust, trigger desire and bypass resistance,

you’re not even in the game.

In the new game, “the unfair sales edge” is psychology -- yours and your customer’s – and knowing how to leverage both to create win/win outcomes. Come to this webinar and learn game-changing techniques for achieving the edge and winning in today’s competitive climate. Based on the latest techniques from NLP, neuro-marketing and sales psychology, topics include:

• Cultivating the #1 skill that opens doors, gains trust and bypasses resistance
• Uncovering your prospect’s preferred “buying style” to influence and motivate action
• Speaking to your prospect’s buying desires, motivations and decision criteria … the secret to getting to “Yes!” in a heartbeat
• The 3 kinds of questions you must ask to get the sale … and when to use each
• Inspired Buying (a little known technique you don’t want your competitors to know about)
• How to captivate your prospects from the first words you speak to signing the deal

Denise Corcoran, CEO, The Empowered BusinessTM,, is a leading expert in accelerated change, peak performance, excellence and personal achievement, A leadership and organizational consultant, growth strategist and NLP Master for over two decades, Denise has helped companies – from rising stars to multi-billion corporations -- become world-class leadership teams, organizations and cultures.

Author of “Legendary Secrets of Top Business Achievers” and “The Mindset of Greatness,” Denise has been featured in Inc, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine, San Jose Mercury and others. For more information, articles, services and bio, go to:



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