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TITEL: Effect of Information Technology ON human resources FUNCTION
Shahmansoury Ashraf
The evaluation and development OF Information Technology since 1970, has not only an impact on improvement of human life, but also has created fundamental chances in both public and private organizations functions and performances.
Information Technology has caused great changes in traditional structure of organizations and so has affected the performance of different level of management in the organization.
Like other manager performance, human resource managers` performance who has been influenced by Information Technology.
Therefore the study of information Technology and its impact on the human resource management is a great need. It is also necessary to design and create a system for employing and developing human resources in organization.
This article has investigated the present use o f information and communication technology by human resource management in universities in IRAN. It also describes the ideal Situation in order to improve human resource management`s performances and study the pitfalls which obstacles reach to the ideal Situation. At last suggestions are given to help reaching to ideal Situation.
In this research the data are collected by questionnaire and interview
Samples are taken from experts who has following characteristics:
1. Holding Bachelor degree and above
2. They were familiar with information technology and human resource management
3. Their degrees are related to information technology
4. Experts who have managerial experiences, are previllaged
In this research descriptive variables are: Planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection, socialization, training, performance appraisal, discipline, and compensation.
The effect of information and communication technology on all these factors has investigated in present situation In universities in Iran. The view points of experts and managers about the ideal situation and implementation of information and communication technology in human resource functions were analyzed .