Negotiating Oil & Gas Contracts - Master Class (Contract Neg)

Venue: The Athenaeum

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jun 08, 2009 End Date/Time: Jun 12, 2009
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*Become an accomplished negotiator in Oil and Gas – by attending this master class you will:

*Grasp the fundamentals of oil and gas industry negotiation

*Identify alternative strategic approaches that exist for major negotiations, and learn how to make them work for you

*Understand the core principles which underpin success in collaborative, competitive and confrontational negotiation

*Define your personal negotiation style and learn how to make it work best for your company

By the end of the master class, participants will:
* Understand the oil and gas negotiating landscape in a way which will help them to navigate from start to finish in a successful way
* Realise the different forms of negotiation which they will be involved in, and the requirements to be successful in each of them
* Identify the changes which they need to make to their negotiating style to be more successful
* Learn and practise the steps which are necessary to create win / win outcomes in even the most difficult negotiations
* Develop positive negotiating habits for the planning, control and management of all oil and gas negotiations
* Assess their own negotiating skill level against that of an experienced negotiator
* Be more effective negotiators in both contract content and style of negotiation

The master class features a total of five varied and interactive negotiating
simulations which cover a variety of circumstances likely to be found in
the oil and gas industry. Participants will be able to assess their
performance in each simulation before looking to improve some aspects of
their performance in the next. Structured feedback will be provided at the
end of each negotiating simulation.

The negotiating simulations cover:
1. Negotiation in a Joint Venture
2. Negotiating with a Government Entity
3. Negotiating a Key Service Contract
4. Settlement of Claims from a Contractor
5. Negotiating with a Disgruntled Employee


Piccadilly,W1J 7BJ
United Kingdom