Conference on World Refining Technology Summit 2009

Venue: Trend Hotel Savoyen

Location: Vienna, Austria

Event Date/Time: Nov 02, 2009 End Date/Time: Nov 03, 2009
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Despite the measures taken by many governments to slow down the credit crunch, global crisis is felt also by the oil industry. Within last year oil prices plummeted and the demand for the black gold dwindled. Those sudden changes created a difficult commercial landscape in which it is all the more important to keep up with the latest technology advances and stay ahead of your competition.

The World Refining Technology Summit 2009 provides a perfect platform to discuss and learn the latest in refining technology and how to stay abreast of your competitors. Here is where the top professionals and decision-makers from the biggest refining companies in the world network, discuss the hottest industry issues and share ground-breaking ideas.

Service companies and technology providers will exhibit at the Summit and hold One-To-One meetings with carefully selected, invite-only delegates representing the most powerful players in the refining industry.

The World Refining Technology Summit 2009 topics will include:

Hydrotreating And Hydrocracking Of Petroleum
Novel Technologies In Catalytic Reforming
Fluid Catalytic Cracking
Delayed Cocking Process And Increasing Refinery Cocking Capacity
Heat Exchangers
Valves And Actuators
Refinery Maintenance, Turnaround And Revamp
Best Practices And Technologies To Fight Corrosion
Tower And Tower Flooding
Pumps, Turbines And Steam Jets
Vacuum Systems
Refinery Integration
Sulphur Removal
Refinery Output Efficiency


The World Refining Technology Summit 2009 is the ideal learning and networking platform for all individuals involved in the refining business worldwide.

The World Refining Technology Summit 2009 will host the presentations from the top professionals representing the most powerful players in the refining industry who will discuss the hottest industry topics and share their invaluable knowledge and experience with the attendees.

Our speakers represent the most important refining companies in the world and will cover a gamut of issues that the industry is currently facing.

The Summit is entirely committed to refining technology advances and delegates will learn how to boost margins, improve output, optimise refinery operations and gain understanding of market drivers and dynamics.

Case studies will be presented by those active in the market and your questions answered during the interactive Q&A and networking sessions .





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Summit Agenda

Summit Day 1 - 2 Nov, 2009
8:00 Summit Registration And Coffee

9:00 Summit Opening And Business Card Exchange

9:10 Keynote Address – The Current State, Challenges And The Future Of The World Refining Industry
FCC Mass, Heat, And Pressure Balance
FCC Catalysts, Chemistry And Process Flow
FCC Process Variables/Operating Conditions
9:40 Commercial Hydrotreating And Hydrocracking Of Petroleum
Catalyst Presulfiding
Catalyst Deactivation And Regeneration
Process Design/Mechanical Design Features
Hydrocracking Feedstocks
Pretreatment Considerations
Hydrocracking Reactions/Heats Of Reaction
Hydrocracking Process Configurations
Hydrocracking Process Variables And Catalysts
Catalyst Deactivation And Regeneration
Hydrocracking Yields And Product Properties
10:10 Coffee Break, Networking And One-to-One Meetings

10:40 Paraffin And Xylenes Isomerisation Technologies
Advanced Solutions For Paraffin Isomerisation – Case Study
11:10 New Technologies In Catalytic Reforming And Related Units
Technical Drivers And Challenges In Cat Reforming – Case Study
New Technologies In Reforming And Catalyst Technology
Key Developments In Cat Reforming

11:40 Coffee Break And Networking

12:10 Advanced Technologies In Heavy Feedstocks Cracking
Coke Formation In Heavy Feedstocks Cracking

12:40 New Technologies In Delayed Coking Process
Drum Operations
Coker Pre-heat Operations
Solvent Deasphalting For Lubricating Oil And Cracking Stock
Ebullated Bed/Advanced Hydrotreating Technologies

1:15 Networking Lunch

2:45 Novel Diesel And Jet Fuel Production Technologies
Effect Of Feed/Process On Yields/Quality
Cut Point Effects
Cetane Improvers
Cloud/Pour Point Improvers

3:15 Coffee Break, Networking And One-to-One Meetings

3:00 Technology Developments In Processing Equipment

4:00 Distillation And Troubleshooting
Tray Hydraulics
Identifying Flooded Towers
Effects Of Preheat
Control Probles In Distillation
Optimising Pumparounds
Expending Tower Capacity
Thermosyphon Reboilers Problems And Tower Flooding
Troubleshooting In Kettle And Forced Circulation Reboilers
Fouling In Shell And Tube Exchangers
Effect Of Sub-Cooling On Condenser Efficiency
Pressure Control In Light Ends Columns
Air Fin-Fan Coolers
Vacuum Systems-Inter-Stage Condensers
Side Stream Stripping Problems
Tower Bottoms Steam Stripping

4:30 Heat Exchangers In Refining
Preheat And Crude Fouling
Flooded Exchangers And Tubesheet Failures
Hot Vapor Bypass And Sealing
Vapor Blanketing
Heat Integration And Startup
Heat Flux Limits
Thermosyphon Reboilers
Afterburn – Causes And Cures
Preventing SO3 Condensation
Coke Formation Inside Tubes
Debottlenecking Heaters

5:00 End Of The First Day

Summit Day 2 - 3 Nov, 2009


The World Refining Technology Summit 2009 will be attended by representatives of the following departments:
Refining Department Head
Refinery Manager
Process Engineering Section Head
Refinery Division Manager
Refinery Engineering And Technical Services Department
Technology Manager
Technical Engineer
Major Projects Department
Business Development Department
Training/HR Department/Career Development Division
HSE Department/Division
Head Market Research Department/Division
Head Materials Engineering Department
Head Oil Movement And Jetty Section
Maintenance Manager
Head Of Maintenance/Reliability/Integrity
Operations Manager
Chief Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Production Manager
Production Engineer
Project Engineer
Senior Process Engineer
Process Unit Manager
Staff Engineer
Head Rotating Equipment
Refinery Team Leaders And Shift Supervisors

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